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So I may or may not have mentioned recently, but the boyf and I are moving - we're actually heading off into the countryside a little, to the beginning of the Cotswolds (bliss!), to an unfurnished flat in the heart of a pretty little town. Key word there - unfurnished. The prospect of actually being able to put our own stamp on a place and buy things that are ours to keep has almost been too exciting for me - if you follow me on Pinterest, you'll notice that the amount of interiors pins this month has probably quadrupled. Thankfully I have my partner-in-crime to keep me grounded, and both of us have made a pact to not panic-bulk-buy furniture because we want to 'fill space' *cough cough cough*IKEA*cough*. We're determined to furnish thoughtfully and patiently, waiting until we have the time and money to really put some effort into our home.

We've been darting about all over the place - in our five years of being together, we've lived in 8 different apartments (I know), and it would really be nice to start to build our 'forever home', or at least our 'for quite a while' home. So I thought I'd start with the area that comes under my jurisdiction - my office/filming area. As you can tell, I'm really feeling that minimalist/clean vibe right now, and I don't see that changing. My desk is actually going in front of a window, so there will be plenty of light, and I have a great white desk as a base, so furnishing around it should be a lot of fun!

I think I've decided to stick to a monochrome base palette, with one colour 'pop' - the one J and I seem to agree on is blue or teal, but I'm SO tempted to go with a raspberry pink or flash of gold... Seeing as it's my space and all ;) Maybe I can talk him around to copper...

Also, with my mention of IKEA above - please don't get me wrong, there will be plentiful trips there. IKEA is a magical Scandi heaven of wonders (and they do cacti and succulents now?! WHAT?!). But I'm thinking it'd be nice to get some other pieces that are a bit more unique to us. For example, how stunning is this sideboard? THE STUFF DREAMS ARE MADE OF.

Where do you guys go for interiors inspiration? Have you ever furnished your own place? How did you find the experience? Are you a one-stop, IKEA done-and-dusted, or do you prefer to spend a bit more time furnishing?


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    1. Tell me about it! This is where my time gets lost - Pinterest :) xx

  2. Ahh I love interiors! There's just so many different beautiful ideas you could go with it gets overwhelming sometimes. But still exciting! I love the bottom left photo! I definitely head to pinterest for inspiration :)

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