It has been a crazy, lovely, rewarding long weekend here in Oxfordshire, so I thought I'd catch you up. Regular posts will resume very soon, promise! But on to another bout of exciting news...
My mum came down to help out with the impending Move (yes, move with a capital 'M', because that's very much how it feels!), and in being here we managed to bundle into her car, head down to a dealership and put down a deposit on our very first car! We're both so delighted, and the car was delivered to us yesterday night, so we took the opportunity to head out on a date night and toast to the future. The giddiness of having a car after four years of wanting one is pretty contagious, and both of us just kinda sat in the seats for a while grinning. So... That was kinda wonderful.

Aside from being up to my eyeballs in car insurance and finance agreements and grown up things, there was also a sneaky trip to IKEA (all. the. things.) which resulted in more than one plant purchase, a pub Sunday Roast (many noms), signature cocktails and chai tea lattes. I'm feeling like a pretty blissed out lady after this weekend, not gonna lie.

This weekend we're off to Norfolk for a wedding bash with old family friends, which I'm sure will be wonderful - I'll probably cry, let's face it. I've known the bride since we were both in nappies! I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures - hell, maybe we'll do a little vlog! Keep your eyes peeled for new posts, but do forgive me if the posting schedule is a little off from time to time in the upcoming weeks - these are some busy ones! I have got some amazing potential guest posts lined up though...

How was your Bank holiday, if you're in the UK? Have you guys entered my US Beauty giveaway yet? I'm so pleased you guys are loving the prizes!


  1. Yaaaaaaay, new car smell! All the exciting things! IKEA! Is it haul worthy? If it know what to do...

    Glad you've had a lovely weekend, dear. We all need one of those every so often. And I hope the moving is going alright!

    Brodie Jay

    1. :D I'm getting so excited about buying a car air freshner - what has life become?! Oh, there will be hauls. Don't you worry - the interiors buying is real.

      Thank you gorgeous - it's all good, a little hectic, but we're both so excited :) Hopefully the start of a happy new chapter! T xx

  2. This must be all so exciting for you! Good luck with the move and making the most of your car!
    Also enjoy the wedding in Norfolk - where I'm from! :)

    Love, Danielle


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