With sincerest apologies for sauntering off this Monday (4 hour drive, I keel you), I am super stoked to return to you beauts with another Interiors Inspo post. We've actually reached the less-than-a-week-to-move time and, as well as flapping around worrying about everything being 'done', that means we've already placed orders on a couple of furniture items, and we're starting to get an idea of how our little home is going to take shape, which I love. This has definitely been the fun part (hello boring jobs like insuring a car and home, and setting up standing orders as your bank account weeps), and I'm so excited to share what we've picked so far with you!

So, after waxing lyrical in my last Interiors post about not rushing to Ikea to get everything, guess what? We succumbed to her beautiful, beautiful allure. It was a case of, after buying the car, weighing up whether we really wanted to put ourselves in a position of having to save up again to afford things we needed like a mattress, a sofa etc... Or whether we just appreciated the low budget, perfectly formed goodness of a Scandi wonderland. Guess what won out.

We've gone for this beautiful TIDAFORS (don't you love the names?!) two seater sofa in Grey, and partnered it with this stunning STOCKHOLM coffee table the boyf picked out (every time I see this, my mind goes straight to 'SURFBORT', I can't help it...). I also impulse-grabbed this £15 STOCKHOLM black-and-white cushion, which it seems everyone and their mother has now, but who can blame us? It's stunning. It'll nestle happily on the sofa, until we find the perfect armchair to compliment our little set. At the moment, I can't decide between this Loaf Boysie armchair or this gorgeous Oliver Bonas velvet tub seat. I never thought I'd plump for an armchair without arms but look how pretty. 

I've already got some pretty clear ideas about how I want to dress the room and, whilst I love the monochrome, shades-of-grey-black-and-white deal, I'm pretty set on adding some copper to warm up any lighting in the room (I want a copper floor lamp, that's the bottom line, but I weep for their prices). Copper tealight holders and lanterns are a really easy and affordable way to do this, and H&M Home has some beauties out right now.

Somehow, I convinced boyf that duck-egg blue/green (my favourite colour in the universe) was the best accent colour for this lot, and this Ikea LAPPLJUNG RUTA rug that I've had my eye on for years does such a great job of incorporating this colour so simply, there's really no excuse not to run out and buy it now. See how that worked out for everyone?

Are you guys moving home, or redecorating any time soon? I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Do you follow any really inspiring interiors/home blogs, YouTube channels, Instagrams or Pinterest accounts? Leave them in the comments!

PS! My US Beauty giveaway has now ended - I'll be getting in touch with the winner very shortly! Thanks so much everyone who entered!

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