September is one of those months - not only can you feel transition in the air, the weather - everything feels transitory. We return to school, we leave home for uni, we move to a new place - it's all pretty exciting, looking towards the next chapter. But take it from someone who knows (I moved into my tenth place since leaving home at eighteen earlier this month), a new chapter can also be a whole lot of headache. So I've picked up a few 'tried-and-tested's to share with any of you guys that might be embarking somewhere new soon, too.

1. Enlist help. Seriously. You know those good friends of yours, the ones that offer to help you move, but you always say no to? Take it back. Draft them, and buy them pizza and beer to have on your new living room floor when the job is done. I cannot stress enough how much four hands are better than two, eight hands are better than four, and so on. Having your friends help out, even at the packing stage, can make lighter work of the most mundane of tasks.

2. Make lists. List what you need to pack. Tape a list to each box you pack of its contents. Make a check list to go over before you leave your old place. Set an itinerary for when you reach your new one. You see where I'm going with this - this is the time in life to let your inner Monica from Friends shine. You cannot be too organized right now - plan it all out so you're not lying awake at night wondering what you missed.

3. Remember to pack your carry-on! Okay, this sounds bizarre but hear me out. You know how on a place you keep your essentials in your hand luggage? Same deal. Pack a bag with essentials - chargers, wallets, phones, keys, night-things, a clean change of clothes and underwear and your toiletries/toothbrush. You do not need to be reaching your new place and digging around for pyjamas. Moving day is tiring enough.

4. Be ruthless. Now is the time to have that wardrobe edit/spring clean/charity shop run you're always talking about, but never do. I always ask myself if I really want each item moving to my new place with me. Obviously this step is optional, but I like to have a little clear out around 2 weeks before I move, and a week before I start packing. It helps to come at everything with a fresh perspective - maybe it's just a mental thing?

5. First night rules. I give you permission to order takeout/go to a restaurant/eat cereal for dinner. You aren't going to feel like unpacking 55 pieces of crockery to find your saucepan to make food. You also probably won't like what I'm about to say, but this is important...

6. Unpack ASAP. I know the temptation is to let everything sit around until a 'new day' comes (usually like a week after you move in), but the earlier you get going, the better you'll feel. Promise.

7. Assemble a packing arsenal - Here it is, my moving home hitlist: Masking tape, brown packing tape, bubble wrap, white sticky labels, sharpies in as many colours as possible (if you're a colour-coding freak like myself), measuring tape (AKA the bridge between you and that IKEA bed you want), screwdrivers, Philips-head screwdriver, tacks (for making the tiniest marks possible on walls), blu-tac, sandwich and freezer bags, and a notepad and pen.

8. When bubble wrap fails... Get creative. I've wrapped glassware in towels, mugs in winter scarves, and plates in dressing gowns. Impossible is nothing. (Who remembers that reference?)

I hope these tips were useful for you guys - if you need any help or advice, you can always tweet me @tamirasays - I'm a wealth of crises-handling wisdom at the moment ;)

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