It might not have escaped your notice that I'm moving house (srsly, how many times can I mention it, because I'm going for a record here), and spoiler alert: moving ain't cheap. We used removal guys this time to help us with furniture (*angel song*) and even though they were reasonable, it's still a luxury. That with new broadband set up costs, new rent payments, running a car AND a SERIOUS Ikea habit (it's becoming a problem) means that there ain't much happening in the ol' purse lately, other than lint. And whilst I type this curled up, kitten-like, from my cozy, cardboard-box dominated new flat (it's starting to feel like a fort), this isn't going to be an easy month.

So, in aid of all of you out there who might be feeling the pinch - whether it's waiting for a student loan to come in, payday blues, or moving expenses like me - I thought we could all be in it together, and cut the spends for September. Let's clarify. I pledge, for this month -

 - No frivolous make up/skincare/beauty-related buys throughout September
 - No spending outside of our predefined 'home' budget
 - No bought lunches/only one meal out every two weeks
 - No credit cards!

Like I said, this won't be pretty. BUT I'm so in love with my new town and home, I think I'll be content just wandering around the village and pottering about getting everything just so. There's something about nesting, amIright? 

Just because we're on saving mode, that doesn't mean I'll be dialing back the beauty on the blog - but expect some interiors posts too, if you're interested? This is our first unfurnished flat, so we're really getting stuck in with making it our own! I hope all of you are having a great September so far, and you enjoyed guest blogger week - aren't those girls BABES?!

Are you sticking to a budget, or do you have any tips for saving? Any tricks to furnishing a home cheaply? I'm all ears, guys and gals! Hit me with your knowledge.


  1. I'm telling you, cash is the best way to go. Seriously. I'm hyperaware of how much money I'm throwing away when I hand over cash.

    Daphne | subgenre of a dream | bloglovin

  2. I wish you all the best in Spendless September - I did not last very long, at all. In my defence, I have a pretty hard job working in beauty retail - it's the worst ;)

    I think you will be so distracted with all the shiny new things for your apartment that you will be fine though - I love home stuff just as much as beauty stuff! And on that note - I would love to see how your flat develops! Pictures, please!

    Brodie Jay

  3. Good luck with sticking to your budget and it sounds like an exciting time for you!! A fresh start :) xx | Giveaway

  4. Oh man, Ikea is such a dangerous place to go! I want to get a new duvet from there and feel like I'm going to end up with like 5 extra things!

    Good luck! I know how difficult it is to save up (I want to buy a new camera at the end of the month) especially with all of these new seasonal releases.

    Sorry I don't have any good advice on it - I'm in the same boat as you in trying to save a little bit more. But I keep lists of things that I need and try to stick to it. I've been better about spending than before when I bought whatever caught my fancy.

    beauty, style, life || bespectacled

  5. I've on a spending ban as well for this month, really need to save up for Christmas, can't believe it's so soon already!! xxx

    Blog This With Hannah


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