I put up a little vlog on my YouTube channel over the weekend, which you'd be forgiven for not noticing, because it was a teeny weeny one. I don't know what possessed me to make the already stressful time of moving home even more complicated by promising a vlog out of the whole episode, but allow me to introduce my flung-together, hap-hazard attempt at getting back into video-making and vlogging. You've been warned. This is shaky-cam city.

From the moving side? There really wasn't too much to show other than the boxes you see - the removals guys we used were outstanding, and they made the whole thing pretty seamless. Would anyone find a 'top tips for moving home' helpful? I've moved around seven times now, so I think I've got the whole thing as down-pat as it's ever gonna get ;)

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy, it's short and sweet, and be gentle with me! I'm still new at this!

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