Almost exactly this time last year, I did a little post of my Autumn wishes for the season. Being a sucker for tradition, I thought it'd be fun to do another post for this autumn. I've noticed a couple of cracking Autumn 'bucket list' type posts lately - one of my faves is this one from the gorgeous Rosie of A Rosie Outlook. Have you guys ever read her blog? It's simultaneously so inspiring, and yet really familiar and cosy. Hugely recommend. Anywho, on to the wishes!
1. Have a long-distance movie date with my Mum - October is my mum's birthday month and always makes me miss her, even more than usual. We've arranged to have a long Skype session and catch up on some of our favourite TV shows together - tiny things like this help with the fact that she lives so far away.
2. Make an autumn veggie soup - Essie's post about her Power Protein soup, combined with the beautiful ripe butternut squash which is now in season, is making me want to get my soup on. Hot soup that's been bubbling away all day with a thick slice of sourdough - AM I RIGHT?!
3. Go and see Frankenstein: NT Live at the movies - I've been wanting to see the Benedict Cumberbatch/Jonny Lee Miller live performance of this show since tickets had sold out at the National. This Halloween both versions of the show (they swapped roles every night - exhausting much?) are coming to my local cinema, so I've got no excuse! Time to get my theatre on.
4. Decorate my home for the season - As you can see above, I've already got some autumnal touches in my living room - we've been picking pine cones on chilly weekend walks to fill up our vase for a few weeks now. I quite want to invest in a comfy throw for our sofa though, and possibly some new, super-warm bedding. I'm thinking flannel. I'll report back.
5 - Cook a roast dinner - This sounds ridiculous, but I've never cooked a roast dinner in entirety without using a ready-made, easy-cook aspect. I really want to challenge myself to get into the kitchen more during the colder months.
6 - Make my way through my autumn reading list! Well, I have enough to be getting on with, don't I?
7 - Lock down my winter skincare - I've been waking up a disturbing amount with dry, flakey patches, and the skin on my arms has been pretty itchy. Say it with me: MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE!
8 - Spend a long leisurely evening tucked up in a pub with friends - We're planning a few more socials at work and I really enjoy the people I work with. I've just found a group of people I click with and I'm looking forward to spending more time with them!
9 - Put pen to paper - So to speak. I miss having a creative outlet and, because of some stresses at work, I've been really feeling the lack of expression in my life lately. I need to commit to being creative at least once a day, as an investment in my well-being!
10 - Make (and keep!) some memories - I've noticed that, with the change in our 'going out' culture, James and I don't have too many photographs of 'just us' anymore, when we're not on holiday or I'm not taking pictures for my blog. I'd like to take more photos of those weekends that are just ours, and perhaps print them out to keep!

I've made mine - now what about yours? What's on your Autumn wishlist?

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