Guys! Welcome to the Friday video post... On a Saturday. Largely because I'm a mess these days, and set the video all good-to-go, it published at 9am yesterday - happy days, right? BUT WHERE WAS THE BLOG POST TAMI. Sigh. So close, and yet so far.

Aaaanyway, I really hope you guys enjoy this video - I had missed filming SO much! Hopefully this is the start of regular vids again and we can all hang out and share the love and all that jazz. As I missed August Faves, this is a nice juicy selection for you, so hopefully you'll enjoy. Remember to go subscribe to my channel (JUST hit a hundred! *fist pump*) if you haven't already, and leave a comment! I love hearing from you guys :)

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  1. I really enjoyed reading Gone Girl, I can't wait to see the movie.. hopefully sometime this weekend! Have a lovely weekend Tamira!


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