You've heard it all before - NARS release epic Christmas edit, world swoons, sell-out success and lust-worthy swatches appear everywhere. BUT, let me ask you this - have you seen five alarmingly similar pictures of me wearing a plaid shirt with different coloured lipsticks on before? I rest my case.

Guys, I try and think carefully about the content I put on this blog because, let's face it, you work hard for your money, I know I do, and I don't like to endorse things before I'm really really sure I love them. And I'm really really sure I love this. Let me wax lyrical for a quick minute about the NARS A Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret. This is my knockout, above-all-others pick for Christmas Gift for Her 2014. Let's explore, shall we?

The NARS Velvet Matte and Satin lip pencils are pretty internet famous within their own right - the formulas of both are incredibly pigmented, the mattes aren't drying or clingy at all, and the satins aren't overly glossy or slippy. It's an effortless, easy lip that instantly elevates your look. So, now that I've got your attention, what's so great about these five? See my full review and swatches under the jump...

Let's start with the blogger darling of the bunch, that deep claret red Cruella - this is a va va voom shade, a classic diva number. Something about this reminds me of the 30s or 40s, that Katherine Hepburn vibe. Vampy yet understated - this would work just as well with a cat-flick as it would with a full-on smoky eye look. Easy to love.

A shade I wasn't sure about was the coral-leaning Torres del Paine - I was sure I'd love it come summertime, but it didn't really feel like a Christmas/winter offering. It was actually a shade that was one of those happy surprises - I loved the warmth and life it brought back into my face and actually, I would happily wear this through winter! It brings a lot of light to the face.

I knew from looking at the nude-brown pink Descanso that I would love it - I think I saw it on Kate from gh0stparties and had previously admired it for its effortlessness. I wasn't wrong. This is Parisienne chic to the letter. Pair with a sculpted cheek, defined brows and undone hair. Proceed to be awesome.

Yu was a Marmite shade for me - I was either going to absolutely love it, or hate it. I'm generally not a Barbie pink girl and this was the one that had me the most scared, as it is very blue-toned, and I generally need a little more warmth than that. Lucky for me though, I slicked it on for an impromptu pub outing with the boyf and... loved it! It's much easier to wear gracefully than it might seem, you just have to keep everything else quite pared down. 

And finally, my very fave. You know I'm a girl that loves an orange-toned red. Iberico didn't make my heart sing, until I applied it on my lips and... sold. JUST LOOK AT THAT SHADE. The finish is literally perfect and... don't tell anyone, but I think I prefer this colour to my beloved MAC Morange. Shock horror. I know. This will be a definite repurchase in the full size when this one runs out.

So there you have it! Five amazing shades at £32 for the lot. These are technically miniatures, but I really don't think they're as small as some of the minis out there *cough cough Charlotte Tilbury KISSING lipsticks I'm looking at you cough*. Considering the full sizes would set you back £18 each, I think £32 for five decent-sized lip pencils is a freaking steal. And, double bonus? It's one of those fab, split-me-up-and-make-me-into-more-presents presents. You could gift five girls one each, or two girls two each and keep one for yourself! Or just... yknow. Keep 'em all.


  1. I am Nars obsessed...their products are just amazing quality (plus seemingly last forever?! my orgasm blush and laguna bronzer are still going strong well over a year later) I love the selection of these shades, look absolutely perfect on you, Iberico in particular would be perfect for christmas party season.

    Great post, really informative

    X Emma |

    1. Thank you so much for commenting Emma <3 I'm in love with these two, and I might not be able to stop wearing Iberico this season, for sure!! T xx

  2. They're all such beautiful colours and they look incredible on you! I love when every shade in a set is as beautiful as the next! xo

  3. Oh I looked at these when I went to sephora! I wanted to get it but I spent too much this month - so I only got a hand cream and a hair restore cream.. I know you were not sure about the color of Torres del Paine but I personally love it! (And there's simialr street name in here at San Diego !)

    *you look so pretty on every colors btw ;))

    Grace | No.21 A Lifestyle Blog
    - previously, Grace of Beauty


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