Sometime towards the end of October/beginning of November, work started getting too much for me. I was constantly frustrated, going home angry and waking up immediately tired. I felt in one of the worst ruts of my life. So I made a conscious effort, an effort I'm still maintaining, to get active every day and move. It has made such a huge difference - and perhaps that's a post for another time - that today I wanted to run through some options for those of you who want to do something, but might not be able to afford gym membership, or who might be relying on the classic 'I don't have time to work out'. I wake up at 6, sit in traffic for two hours to get to work, work a full day and sit in traffic again for a further hour to get home. Trust me, there is always time. 

YouTube is such an incredible resource and I really enjoy the workouts I'm mentioning here today - all of them are a little more yoga/muscle-focused because that's what I find helps me most, and remember - the more support you have in your core, the longer you can support yourself when doing heavy cardio! I love the feeling of getting stronger and, take it from me, over time doing these videos, you'll definitely notice a difference in your ability!

Bikini Body Routine - Bikini Series 2014, Tone It Up - These two girls are sickeningly in shape, absolutely gorgeous and super perky to boot. Annoyed yet? Karina and Katrina have one of the biggest fitness communities on YouTube and for good reason - both of them really know what they're talking about, their workouts are well-guided, supported by additional PDF files walking you through each exercise and are shot beautifully. I love this one for an all-around, 'I've worked hard today' workout.

BUTI Fitness Sweetly Twisted - This. Girl. Is. Sick. If you haven't heard of BUTI fitness, go to their website and try out one of their taster workouts, and I guarantee you'll be hooked. If Bizzy's ridiculously hot body isn't enough to convince you, this is an amazing fusion of tribal dance, yoga, pilates, plyometrics (big word - basically stuff that gets you looking cut) set to killer soundtracks. I love the way she unapologetically grinds in downward dog pose to Kanye West. Who doesn't want to work out like this?

Ballet Beautiful Legs & Buns - A fave with Victoria's Secret Angels, Ballet Beautiful makes me happy inside. It's one of those workouts that looks gentle from the outside, but inside your muscles are screaming in quiet agony. You will feel these workouts the next day. Remember these workouts are all about technique and committing to the poses properly, so point those toes!

Blogilates' Victoria's Secret Model Abs - Have you ever come across a human being as perky as Cassey? Because I definitely have not. But rather than being grating, her boundless energy and optimism spurs you on with little 'don't give up!'s and 'you can do this!' pep talks to keep you focused. Don't let that fool you though - this woman is a self-proclaimed BEAST, and she does not let up throughout this one. A good 'kick your ass into shape after that Dominos last Friday' keeper-upper.

So there you have it! I hope you like my picks and get to try them out - do you have any favourite workouts to recommend? I'm always on the hunt for more!

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