I honestly think I might like shopping for my guy more than I do for anyone else at Christmas... Hear me out before you take away my beauty blogging privileges. Design, good marketing and diversity has really stepped up Christmas buying for blokes - socks and pants need no longer apply. I've put together this little group of beauties as my top picks for gents this festive season, but if you're ever in any doubt, have a look at the 'For Him' edits out there - seriously Pinterest worthy!

1. Mr. Natty's Rogue Care Pack - Perfect for beardy boys out there (I have a soft spot for them) - this set contains a beard oil, beard shampoo and a coldpressed soap for gents (much like mine) that shun the idea of a 'skincare routine'. Until it comes to taking all of my Josie Maran Argan Oil for his beard. Not. Cool.

2. John Lewis Tweed Flat Cap - Totally and unabashedly inspired by Peaky Blinders. Once you've seen Cillian Murphy in a cap, you won't question my logic again. Trust.

3. Snyders Jalepeno Pretzel Pieces - My bloke loves these (usually alongside an icy cold one) whilst watching any sporting event. I think it reminds him of travels to America and all the yummy snacks we used to love. These are goo-oo-ood but beware - they are spicy as hell. Don't attempt without a drink nearby.

4. Bulleit Bourbon - Another tried-and-true gift, this was one of three presents I bought for the boy last year, and he loved it. Honestly, the bottle didn't last much longer than the festive season. But this was a delicious, delicious mixer for us on many cold nights and now the empty bottle takes price of place on our counter as a 5p jar. You can't throw a bottle like that away!

5. Dedicated Christmas Santa Tee - I love this shirt. For anyone that likes to sit on the ironic side of novelty, this is a quirky alternative to the traditional Christmas jumper and, if you live in warmer climes, perfect for Christmas day!

6. Monster Headphones - If I had a bigger budget, I'd be getting these sleek on-ear headphones for my guy. I think they make a much better looking alternative to the slightly tinny-sounding and over-done Beats Studio headphones but, whatever floats your boat.

7. Wool duffle coat - Let's be honest - when you're in a fix, GAP is just the place to go. They make great quality, timeless basics at an affordable price point and there is ALWAYS a deal going on there. If you don't believe me, join their mailing list. I get a new code every day, it feels like.

8. Hidesign Ryder leather satchel - This just looks amazing - soft, good quality leather never goes out of style and I think there's a lot to be said for the messenger-style bag and the working chap. Where else is he going to put those packed lunches, hm?

9. Tequila Mockingbird - The idea for this gift was pillaged slightly from a leaving present we gave to one of my male colleagues at work, but this book is divine. The illustrations are beautiful, the cocktail recipes are imaginative and every drink is based off a different literary work. Definitely a great one for a bookish Secret Santa gift, or a man who wants to get his mixology on.

10. Jamie's Comfort Food - One of those 'gift-for-you-but-really-for-me' presents. If your man, like man, has hovered near the oven on more than one occasion and has the inkling to discover his inner Jamie Oliver, why not help him along this Christmas? It can only end well.

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