I feel that I can only, truthfully, talk about one subject in this Friday, Shared, because I've been obsessing about one thing since Monday. With the beginning of a new month next week, I start a new job, and whilst I'm crazy excited and I know that this change is steering me positively where I want to go in my career - I've been waking up with my jaw clenched shut. I'm more irritable than normal, more sensitive and nostalgic. I'm tired, like all the time. And it got me thinking - how can what we've been wishing for, the crescendo we've been building to, make us feel so fearful?

You reach a point, not just once, but at many stages in your life, where the need to try is greater than the fear - or at least equal to it. I know I am on that precipice, and I'm trying to tread gracefully, somewhere between saying goodbye and appreciating what I leave behind, as well as simply taking the leap. When I leave my desk tomorrow it might be tinged with sadness, but it won't be with a heavy heart. I'll look forward, with purpose, to the next exciting chapter, and to an evening spent with good friends - good friends that I owe to this place, and the last year and a half. What a wonderful thing to carry with you. 

Being an expat kid, you get used to saying goodbye a lot. Friends come and go, you acquire a ton of pen pals (yep, I'm that old), you say you'll keep in touch but reach a point where you forget names, only vaguely remember faces. I've learned that it's always harder to be the one left behind than the one doing the leaving. So perhaps this need to leap, to move, to change was always inevitable for me. But I'm heartened by the fact that I'm not going too far. Maybe I'm learning to slow down, and take more calculated jumps. 

She's a good friend of mine and a fantastic blogger, but you might not know that Jaye from Bed In The Kitchen has a personal blog, Jaye Rockett. I really loved her post about the book #Girlboss, which I'm really struggling to get into at the moment. Any thoughts from you guys? I want to like it so much, I just... can't.
I am obsessed with this wall hanging. Obsessed. So much so that I kind of want to try to make my own and I know that would be a disaster.

My evenings have been dedicated to watching this panel from the Sundance Film Festival called The Power of Story: Serious Ladies. It's riveting watching, mostly watching how the women react when they aren't answering a question. As someone who studied acting for four years, I still find actors the most incredible subjects to people-watch.

Not gonna lie, I LIVE for Naomi's 'Eleanorisms/Samsonisms' posts. They have the most beautiful family, and these posts make my day every time. I wish they vlogged.

Speaking of vlogs, I've been bleedin' loving Jessica Beautician's vlogs this week. I'm obsessed. This girl is a babe and I find her voice super calming. I've marathoned and I'm not ashamed. So I have a request - favourite daily/weekly vloggers please? Any and all welcomed. I want to fill up my YT Sub box. YAAAAS.

I am SO ready for the weekend. I hope you've all had a stress-free week, and have a comfy-cosy weekend.


  1. Ah thanks Tamira- too kind! I LOVE Suzie's (HelloOctober's) vlogs, Simone Scribe's weekly vlogs and if you like travel, I'm addicted to FunForLouis 😊

  2. I'm really touched by what you wrote about taking little calculated jumps. I am really interested in all you'd care to share with us about working in publishing and the world of print. Good luck in your next venture; I know you'll be a success!
    The movie sounds really interesting!!


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