Welcome to the first of what I hope is to become a new series here at TGG, Friday Shared. Think of it as sort of general life chats about something topical to the week, alongside some of my favourite reads, watches, bits and bobs from the interwebz. Sound good? Let's get involved!

I've been seeing a lot around some of my favourite blogs about 'self care'. The phrase itself sounds pretty dodge, but essentially, it's about taking time to care and look after yourself. It's a funny concept to me because as an only child, I've always found bliss in most solitary activities - in fact, I find these most natural to me. Often, after being in a large group socializing, I'll need to get away and have hours to myself - stuff that other people call 'me time', that I just see as preservation. A lot of people find this surprising about me as I think most assume I'm extroverted, but I've always been shy, introverted, a lot more reflective and pensive than I let on.

So this influx of posts got me to thinking about what I actually do lately with the time I dedicate to myself, and it went something like this: browse Instagram, watch YouTube in a hot bath with candles, take photographs of things, flip through magazines and read blogs. Which, totally fine, but I feel like there's a distinct lack of variety there. It's all so web-based, on-screen, and not really connecting with anything about me.

I've committed to taking half an hour to an hour every night to switch off and read, unwind, and get ready for bed disconnected from the online world. Leaving my phone to charge outside the bedroom has really helped with this. But I want to commit further - I'm thinking about starting a journal, or a Project 365 scrapbook. Does anyone have any experience with these? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

What do you guys do to practice 'self love'? How do you celebrate 'me time'?

Some posts I've been enjoying about self care and self love - Bee's, Annabel's, and Darling Magazine's.

I am beyond looking forward to cooking up Joy the Baker's Sausage and Mushroom risotto - what a hearty winter warming meal. I've been craving these kinds of dinners lately!

This guide to keeping potted plants alive on A Beautiful Mess might need to be printed and stuck on my noticeboard - we somehow managed to kill a succulent last November and my heart still hasn't recovered.

Cath's post on creating an ideal workspace just basically makes me want to throw everything to the wind and freelance from home again.

I hope you've all had a lovely week, and have a peaceful weekend.


  1. Reading and meditation! Preferably snuggled in a warm blanket :) xx

    1. Anything snuggled in a warm blanket sounds like a good idea right now - I'm so ready for spring!! T xx

  2. I love this new feature to your blog and I'm looking forward to the weekly updates! I always find these more lifestyle kind of posts really interesting as you get to know the person behind the blog a bit better.

    I'm a pretty shy and introverted person myself and while I enjoy time with my friends and family so much, it's nice to unwind and reenergise on your own. I spend a lot of time in front of the screen too and I think it's fine as well, but I do want to balance that out a bit more with other hobbies and interests. I've started making more of an effort of turning my laptop off at night so I can concentrate on a book instead of getting caught up in my Twitter feed. It's helped so much! There are so many books I want to read that I just never make the time for.

    Really digging that Pantone mug! I've got them on my wishlist. So cute!


    1. I love it so much - it was a present from my mum :) What a babe.

      I totally agree with you, unwinding and re-energising alone is what it's about. I don't think everyone always gets that, and sometimes people can take it as grumpiness, but it's so important for me to have a second to myself when I can!

      Thanks for reading and commenting as always bb ;* You make my day! T xx

  3. Loving the sound of this feature! I too have a switch off time before bed to read - really want to pick up that H&H book x


    1. It's SO good Laura - I cooked my first recipe from it this weekend, and it was SO tasty. Go pick it up for sure! T xx


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