I'll admit that this week, as I considered the past 7 days and what I wanted to title this post, I was stumped. I've been missing home, battling an illness as well as just generally feeling a little... meh. Coming upon the theme of 'belonging' was an exercise in being honest with myself about where all of these feelings were coming from - I'm a little off kilter in my current setting. And I have to say it - there's nothing weak or shameful in exposing that. I never particularly looked upon myself as a strong person because I have so many of these 'wobbly' moments, usually only solved by my boyfriend or my mum, but actually? I think there can be strength in admitting that, alright, I might not be exactly where I want to be right now, but what matters is that I can change this and take responsibility for the feeling. I don't know if it sounds a little hippy-dippy, but I think one of the main factors in combatting a tendency towards panic and anxiety has been acceptance of my feelings, and taking ownership of them.

Which brings me to the heart of the thing - where does the responsibility lie, when you feel like you don't belong? When you just generally 'don't feel right'? It seems so passive to say things like 'I don't feel included' or 'people around me don't get me', but I've been hearing the words come out of my mouth lately. Perhaps it's time to make more of a conscious effort, or at least to pull my head out of the sand and spend some time looking inward and doing some healing. It takes time to realise that the only thing you can control in life is how you act and react, and that others' actions really have very little to do with you. I think I need it on a Post It note. Or maybe some fancy iPhone wallpaper - at least that way, I know I'll look at it!

Maybe we should all take five minutes to say some affirmations or something. That stuff is supposed to work, right?

I loved this 'What's in your Make Up Bag?' from Hey Natalie Jean. This blog in general is just everything I wish for my own life (hello perfect loft in New York, gorgeous husband and child), and I find Natalie so inspiring.

Freya's post on 'Sundays at home' made me want to curl up in a big blanket, light ALL the candles, and have a cup of tea. Sundays really are almost magical, aren't they?

Let's all be honest: love her or hate her, we bookmarked this post, didn't we?

Shall we all just go live in Sophie's Japanese Stationery post? Yeah? Good.

If it wasn't there already, Kat Louise's blog posts have totally put Copenhagen on my 'must go' list.

I hope you guys have had a busy week, full of exciting plans, and wish you the most rejuvenating weekend. I'll see you on Sunday for February faves - can you believe it's almost March already?!


  1. I think that's such a healthy approach to life. I mean, if you can't figure out or accept what isn't working, how are you supposed to fix it to make life happier for yourself? Good luck on sturdying your wobbly moments, you can do it [=


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