I'm going to keep this Friday, Shared short and to-the-point, not least because starting a new job is hard, you guyz. My new job is awesome and I'm in my element every day, but dang if I'm not wiped every time I get home. Anyone else feel like their brain is pouring out of their ears when they start something new? It's all largely self-inflicted and everyone has been absolutely amazing, but I do find myself feeling a little pouty about the change - mainly because I've lost my people. And it got me to thinking - when school, and uni, and all of the 'organized socializing' is done - how do we make friends, anymore?

I didn't always have the easiest time making friends - later primary and early high school was difficult for me, and I was really painfully shy for a long time. As I got older though I gained confidence through creativity and, little by little, started to mix with different groups. Soon enough I found that, by the time I entered my mid-teens, I could get along well enough with more or less anyone. That ease has more or less followed me through life and I'm glad for it, because more than anything the people I surround myself with weigh heavily on my overall mood and happiness. So when I enter into a new situation, one of the first things I guess my brain 'scopes out' is: 'okay, where are my people here?'

Is that just me? Or is it a normal human reaction to want to find your place within the pack? I'd be really interested in hearing what you guys think about finding friends in the workplace or even just finding new friends as an adult - I'm all ears for your tips!

My name twin can do no wrong - I'm sure you all know about Tamira and her beautiful blog, Lipstick With Some Sunshine. Her post about her 'New Blogging Gadgets and Stationary' was definitely a feast for my inner techie. Notepad and pen at the ready!

Helen's Nail Favourites has me wanting to make a little moodboard of that beautiful colour palette.

Have you seen A Cup of Jo's (Joanna Goddard's) editor Caroline? No? WELL SHE'S A BABE. And she featured her beauty uniform on Joanna's blog this week. AND IT'S JUST 100 PICTURES OF BABELINESS.

Saved By The Bell original cast reunion with Jimmy Fallon. I really don't think I need to say any more.

This weekend, I plan to watch a lot of Six Nations, football, and Chef with Jon Favreau - have any of you seen it? I'm so excited for it. I hope you've had an inspiring week and you have a soul-soothing weekend.


  1. Eep! Making friends is hard! I particularly suck at it since I'm so shy haha, I mainly made them through the other person being more talkative or being introduced to new people through others. I'm starting Uni this month and I'll have to make friends all over again! Ugghhh.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. It's hard to distinguish how I find new friends, at university it's not as easy as everyone says! In my part-time job I had "my people" as well as at my sports club. I feel a little bewildered if I do something not knowing anyone, but in those cases I tend to look for the friendliest face, and I surprise myself how friendly other people are especially if they are in the same position as you, not knowing anyone. I think as humans we fear rejection but at the same time we seek validation, so talking to new people is a struggle but once you start off a conversation the fear normally subsides! Good luck in your new job :)



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