This week's post couldn't have been called anything but 'unexpected' because, since last Friday afternoon, so many things have happened that I just wasn't prepared for! From the tiniest things to decisions that could affect loved ones and the rest of our lives - it's funny how life can twist and turn and sometimes you just have to hold on and hope. I feel oddly excited by it all though, and there is something kind of magical about some of the little surprises we receive - the good ones, anyhow. Whatever the case, I feel poised, on the edge of something new and excited to see what comes next, if a little impatient. I'll try to greet whatever comes with patience and optimism.

I am TOO excited to start watching Better Call Saul this weekend. No spoilers please! I've heard it is AMAZING though! Talking about stellar TV - did everyone catch this week's episode of GIRLS? That last scene man. My heart just broke in two.

I'm convinced that H&M Home made this entire page just to taunt me and my almost-payday existence.

And on a similar note - I cannot wait until Monday so I can finally checkout my ASOS basket! Contents? This jumper.

This ALO post about how to be a tourist in your own city just makes me want to pick up my camera and go!

I discovered Hannah Gale's blog this week and I'm a bit in love with her. She sounds like the voice in my head when I'm thinking - know what I mean? Anyways, her 7 City Break Outfits post for her upcoming trip to Budapest is pretty awesome.

And I leave you with this - Slutty. Brownie. Sundae. I MEAN.

Have an indulgent weekend, doing only the things that make you the happiest. Life is too short not to!

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