Last week I posted about my having Seasonal Affective Disorder, and how I cope with it - one of the means being a light therapy lamp. I've been testing my Lumie Bodyclock for around a month now and didn't want to talk about it too much until I'd actually given it a good go, and I'm glad I waited. My feelings are mostly good but slightly mixed - if you're looking for the 'cliff notes' version skip down to the 'Would I rate it?' section, but if not, let's get into it...

The thing that drew me to this particular model was the ability to have both a 'sunrise' and a 'sunset' imitation setting, and I have to say after trying this out on the first night - it REALLY works. Both my boyfriend and I were so snoozy after the thirty minute slow-dim setting that we were totally ready to sink into a heavy sleep. I slept closest to the lamp on that first night and in the morning, I was gently awoken by its slowly increasing light - I found myself actually 'awake' around ten minutes before my alarm, which I didn't mind at all. I felt very full of energy on this first day and a lot more positive all round - impressive for a Monday!

One thing that did take me by surprise on that morning was how Godawful the default alarm sound on the Lumie is - for the love of God, change it as soon as you set it up, or just leave the alarm on mute, like I do! It's a really hideous, screeching one. 

My good feelings about the Lumie continued throughout that first week, and I really noticed the difference on the Friday morning I chose not to use it (for comparison's sake). I woke up feeling groggy, in a really bad mood and felt quite lethargic for most of the day. So, there's that.

One thing I will say is as I entered into week two, I was no longer that sensitive to the light. It's still generally nicer to wake up to a light bedroom as opposed to a pitch black one, but I wasn't really feeling the 'slow gentle stirring of consciousness' or as energized as I was in that first week. It should be noted here that I was sleeping on the opposite side of the bed this week, away from the lamp.

Would I rate it? Overall, yes. For sufferers of SAD I would say - make sure it's on YOUR side of the bed, and try to sleep facing it, as you'll feel the biggest benefits when the light is slowly increasing on your face, mimicking a sunrise. Don't expect your world to change but embrace the light for what it is - a mood-booster, and a regulator for those very difficult pitch-black winter mornings. I'd recommend this for anyone that has to wake up early for work during the wintertimes as this is where it's helped me most, and where I use it to its greatest benefit.


  1. So interesting, one thing I hate about my early starts is that it's pitch black so I may have to invest! x

    1. Totally feel your pain Laura - you should definitely try it out! I really think it helps with the darkness. T xx

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