Guys, there are so many new things I am excited about right now that I just had to do a dedicated post because... look at all that pretty. I like to think of these as a *mental shopping list* to remind myself when eventual release dates roll around but let's be real... This is just me living in a money-grows-on-trees situation for a hot second. But a girl can dream, right?

Let's begin: MAC x Cinderella. Not so keen on the film, desperately keen on that Royal Ball lipstick. Could there be a new Patisserie lurking in this collection? I think so!

This might not be new, but I had NO idea Beauty Bay stocked Paddywax candles, which are pretty much my fave. This Chamomile and Fig one is doing it for me. On the list it goes.

Less of a bulletin, more of a desperate plea - please Living Proof, bring the Perfect Hair Day range to the UK! This travel set has been at Sephora US tempting me for a few months now and unless they release a launch date soon, I might have to just pull the trigger.

Aaah, Bite Beauty, why do you wanna hurt me like this. Come to the UK. This new line of Butter Cream lipsticks is, I'm sure, just as awesome as all of their products. The whole of their line is dreamy and basically just come to the UK already.

First thing about this release - Olivia Wilde. What a babe, amIright? H&M wisely chose her to be the face of their 2015 Conscious Collection (out April 17th) and she recently wore this tux from the line that will soon be gracing my closet. 'Nuff said.

I was never that keen on the NARS Dual Intensity eyeshadows but hot damn, now they've brought out Dual Intensity blushes. I am so on board with this idea and knowing the quality of NARS blushes already, this can only lead to more awesome. 

Finally, round of applause for Nails Inc for managing to top Essie with their first collection of 2015. These beauties are called 'The New Whites' - pay particular attention to White Horse Street, which is sure to be the next 'it' shade for spring.

Are you looking forward to any of these releases? What's caught your eye lately?


  1. This Paddywax candle looks amazing!! :) Also MAC Cinderella palette. xx S&R

    1. Tell me about it Tina! I am too excited to swatch that MAC collection in real life! Thanks for reading and commenting. T xx


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