Happy Sunday! I hope you guys have had an awesome weekend and, even though it's winding down, you've still got some downtime to catch up on this video! I decided to go through my 5 favourite bold lipsticks, in the hope that you guys might like this format and we can look at doing some more '5 favourites...' in the future!

So settle down with my picks and hopefully you'll see one or two that catch your fancy - if you can't treat yourself on Sunday night, when can you?


  1. INGRID AND CRUELLA ARE MY FAVOURITES ON YOU. (Not that they don't all look good on you but y'know)

  2. More 5 faves!! Nail polishes, bronzers, palettes?

    1. Oooh, thanks for the great ideas Bella! I'll put them on the list! T xx


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