We did it - we reached another Friday together, and blissfully everything is pointing to sunnier days, longer nights and the beginning of new things again. I've been feeling a real lightness in my heart this week... I don't know if it's because of having more hours of light in the day, or starting my 30 Days of Yoga challenge, or simply committing to writing every day for the month of March, but I feel better. More like myself, more able to accept the good that I have right now, and more able to be present and just work through the day to day. Long may it last.

I also ordered this awesome new planner - isn't she a beaut? I knew it was the one for me - my word of the year is 'simplify', so it jumped right out at me! It's from Sticker Stack and I'll be writing a thorough review soon. Here's to getting organised and kicking some ass this year!

I hope you guys have had a positive week and are looking forward to a weekend full of adventures - I'll see you on Sunday with a cheeky haul video.

This week I have totally geeked out on SkillShare. I always say that if I could spend my whole life learning new things all the time and get paid for it? That's the dream. Unfortunately, I don't think that life exists and so? I geek out on this site. I'm hovering over paying for a year's membership. Decisions, decisions.

It was World Book Day yesterday and, whilst that means an insanely busy day at the office, it also means thinking back on your favourite reads of all time. Top 3 for me? 1, 2, and 3. Yours?

Ohhhh I want one I want one I want one I want one. ABM does it again.

Brb, buying all the things that will make me Sienna Miller at this year's Oscars.

I'm a big fan of Catherine's and her post this week just... nailed it.

In the absence of Serial (and after my second time of listening to it over I decided I needed to STOP), I've been listening to This American Life at work. This episode about bullying on the internet very nearly made me cry in the middle of the office.

Finally guys... Was it blue or black, or gold and white? WILL WE EVER KNOW?!

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  1. Loving these posts! Very cool.

    I am seriously considering this 30 Days Of Yoga challenge. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it, but it sounds kiiiind of do-able!

    That SkillShare site is amazing! Do the membership, do it!!

    Oh God, I'm not sure if I could pick my three top books. Okay, let's just group all of Harry Potter together as one - I can't not include HP. And then maybe Gone Girl - or any of Gillian's books to be honest. Annnnd a third...Brain On Fire, which was actually a memoir. Does it count?

    The dress was both. I can still see both!


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