This week has been the kind that you think exists solely to test you - it started at a rapid pace, which is always good, brought some exciting news and future plans, and then turned awful, stress-inducing and moved at a snail's pace towards its latter half. One of the worst things about feeling flustered is feeling like you're losing yourself, your ability to be rational and act in the way you always would. It's one of the first things I can identify within myself, and one of the hardest to pull out of. Frustrating, for someone who tries to keep their chin up and keep smiling through it all.

Having said that, these weeks make the good times seem sweeter and, thankfully, are now few and far between. Aside from feeling flustered, this week was also one for feeling immensely grateful for my life, my career and my loved ones. It was one for appreciating where hard work can take you.

So now you know! A total jumble. I hope that you had an inspiring week and that the weekend is a clarifying one, for us all. Maybe now is the time to get into meditation...

Lily and Anna's recent trip to visit Coco Chanel's apartment in France was pretty envy-inducing, right? But it was Lily's post of the new Chanel Coco Rouge collection that really sent me over the edge. I'll take one of everything, thanks.

Speaking of envy-inducing, has everyone seen Carrie's beautiful Lapland video? Her fiance Miguel is a hugely gifted cinematographer. Sign me up for this trip, please!

I've also been feeling wanderlust-y looking over Petite Passport - a new fave. She's based in Barcelona and I actually found her looking up tips for my trip there this summer (!!), but this review of the Urban Cowboy BnB in Brooklyn has me planning my next trip Stateside ASAP.

I'll be honest, this video of this little girl on Ellen made my entire week. I look forward to her campaign for presidency.

This was also the week I discovered a blue grey dachshund, and life changed forever.

I'm looking forward to a Sunday roast dinner for the first time in a little while, sleeping in, and sea salt and caramel popcorn this weekend. What are you excited about?

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