I don't even know what to write this week guys - it has been a mindfuck. For reasons I don't really want to go too deep into, my anxiety (and apparently, my blood pressure!) has been through the roof this week. Even though I've kept up with my yoga practice, I've just been 'going through the motions' - it has been pretty impossible to quiet my mind and I can't remember the last time I had a truly fulfilling night's sleep. It has been tough, in a kind of under-the-surface, 'this is going to come to bite you if you leave it much longer' way. So this weekend, my resolution is to 'switch off', in both a literal and metaphorical sense. I'm going to take a long bath or two, try and meditate, take time to breathe, be mindful and grateful and do some deep healing. I don't know if you guys believe in the inward practice of healing and self-love and that kind of thing, but I think the older I get, the more I find myself wanting to take more responsibility for my own happiness. I don't want to be passive, if something is wrong. That kinda might be the problem, not just 'letting things be', but hey. We work with what we got!

Anyway, I really hope that this week has been a loving one for you guys. I hope you haven't been touched by tragedy this week, and I hope that you've taken a little time to bring gratitude and light into your days. If you've had a hard week, please accept this virtual hug from me to you. You're not alone.

Now that I've bored you to tears, I'll leave you with the good stuff. Have a slumber-drunk weekend and I'll see you Sunday for little March faves action.

Well hello dream weekend breakfast. Let's hang out.

I think Harper and Harley is my most-coveted style blog (seriously, the woman is a goddess) and this simple yet effortlessly stylish grey tee + black skirt post has given me some serious inspo.

This week I've been pretty obsessed with The Jinx. I'm on episode 4 now and I'm hooked, disgusted, intrigued, kind of waiting for the endless lying to stop... In the wake of Serial, this is scratching an itch.

I love Nourish in general, but particularly loved this '5 simple ways to lead a positive and productive life' post. I've bookmarked it to print out, so I can remind myself of its wisdom.

In much the same way, I've got Cocochic's 'How to Make a Kick-Ass Blogger Media Kit' open in a tab, ready for a little weekend project.


  1. Sorry to hear you've had a tough week. I think they come around in circles, sometimes it's just your turn. You're very wise to take some time for yourself this weekend. I call it 'topping up my mojo'. Hugs x

    1. I love that - it makes me think of Dr. Evil! I have definitely been 'topping up my mojo' and I am so ready for this 4 day week, 4 day weekend and 4 day week following! What a lovely equal ratio of days working to days rested. I hope you're well darling and thanks so much for reading and commenting. T xx

  2. Sorry you're feeling anxious. I've had a bit of a bad week with it too - here's to a relaxing weekend x

    1. I hope you've had a good one Fiona and thanks very much - oddly the gloomy weather this weekend has helped me go into 'hibernate' mode, which was probably needed! T xx


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