When choosing cookery books, I only want to know a couple of things - can an idiot in the kitchen (like me) operate it? And secondly, how often will I realistically use this? 

When I received this book for Christmas, I'll be honest, it was a largely superficial request. I had heard a lot about the Hemsley sisters - Jasmine and Melissa - and only a tiny bit about the ethos behind their food. I took a little time to really read the introductory notes to the book, as well as their in-depth preparatory notes (the girls have also included a super-handy glossary/advice/quick tips section at the back of the book). As I get older, I sit less on the side of 'grab diet everything' and am thinking more about wholeful eating and choices when I cook and shop. This makes it difficult to be lazy and, to be honest, this book is not for those that want to throw something together in 15 minutes and be done. This is really about getting back to the love of food, cooking and, as title would suggest, the art of nourishing yourself properly, with every choice you make.

Whilst there are some things in this book I haven't quite stretched to (I'm not really in a 'bone broth' place right now?), I'm really delighted with how the girls break down their philosophy and make eating in a more mindful way a lot more accessible. There's a very handy 'Cook a Week Full of Meals' and sample meal plan ideas at the back of the book, and every recipe is presented much like the one above - very easy to follow, beautiful layout, gorgeous food styling and photography.

I'm a little saddened that I didn't have this book when I was working from home, as I really think it would suit those who manage their own time down to the ground. For me, with a full time job and a two hour commute every day, Hemsley & Hemsley is definitely a weekend cookery book. Having said that, it's a great joy to take recipes and inspirations from, and a wonderful thing to cook with. Trust me - if I didn't get lost, anyone can do it! A firm favourite in our house is the Beef Ragu and Courgetti pictured above, and their incredible Cauliflower Mash. There are also handy bake recipes like Banana Bread, 'BB' Brownies (the 'bb' is BLACK. BEANS. IKR- these are next to try on my list), and Cinnamon and Raisin cookies.

I'd really recommend this book to anyone wanting to make better choices and not rely so heavily upon processed foods and/or readymade sauces. It's definitely easy to fall in love with this lifestyle - the only bind is time! But if you're one of those super-disciplined types that can do all of your prep at the weekend, go crazy! I salute you.

Do you have a favourite cookbook? Do you use recipe books in your kitchen? It's a new love of mine!


  1. This recipe book sounds amazing! I've been trying to eat much healthier recently so a book like this would be perfect!
    Rachel Coco

    1. It's definitely great for inspiring you to eat healthier! I hope you get on well with it if you pick it up Rachel :) T xx

  2. I need a few cooking books to get me a bit more inspired about cooking, I'm all about quick and easy at the moment. This one is definitely on my radar, does it have many vegetarian recipes inside?

    Catherine, xo || Lady Liquor

    1. There's a good variety I'd say - there is an entire chapter devoted to veggie mains, although having said that there is one dedicated to meat and one dedicated to fish, which might not be that helpful to you ;/ Still, I remember seeing some suggestions around making meat-based recipes vegetarian. There's also two big beautiful chapters for breakfast and baking, which I love... It's definitely inspiring and I imagine it'd be a useful one to have in your arsenal! Definitely give it a thumb through in Waterstones and order it from The Book Depository (Cheaper I think?) if you like it :) I think you will! T xx


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