Here's the thing - we all know that Kylie Jenner is pretty much responsible for a make up craze. And to me, giving that kind of retail prowess to a 17 year old just seems creepy. But DAMN if that girl can't rock a stunning matte lip. I put my Judgy Bear aside and I did it - I put my name down on the MAC waitlist for Soar, and when it became available? I got a weird little buzz. I was finally going to see what all the fuss was about.

A couple of things before I start, the first being to say that I was not expecting to be impressed by this. I figured maybe it would amp up some lipsticks I already love and do some lip trickery, plumping action. I had never been a lip liner only kind of girl and I didn't think my wobbly, cack-handed application skills would sit well with the whole idea. Which kind of leads me on to thing two - I am not the sort of girl who sits for forty minutes getting her lips just so. If it isn't a 'walking out the door' step, I'm just not going to include it. Until now.

I used this for the first time as soon as I got it home (sorry, blog photos) and from first use, I was blown away. If you've never used a MAC lip liner before these things are crazy creamy and smooth - no tugging or pulling at my lips and the colour just glided right over. It was quite easy to follow the natural shape of my lips and then, quite simply, 'colour in'. I went to go examine my work in natural light, expecting to look fully like Anjelica from the Rugrats, but all I saw was a gorgeous, rosy pink lip. There's also enough slide with the product that you can smush your lips together and move things around to get it looking worn in and even, if you wanted to pare down the pigment.

As this one was mentioned in my March Favourites video (I'm also wearing it in that - go check it out!!) yesterday I'm sure it's no surprise - I loved it. This is well worth the extra bit of attention but to be honest with you? It's a pretty easy application as far as lip liners go. MAC have really nailed the formula, and I have to say that now that I've started? The obsession is threatening to continue. Next on my list? Spice, Whirl and Boldly Bare. Things are about to get seriously lippy!


  1. Ohh it looks so lovely, jealous you got your hands on it!

    Kathryns Cupcakes x

  2. I've heard and seen so much about this, and loved the combo of this teamed with Velvet Teddy <3

  3. Erg, MAC lip liners get so much attention and even more so now because of Kylie. It's a problem, because now I want to try one, haha! It sounds life changing! I'm glad you're loving it though, definitely made its way onto my wishlist now...

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. It looks like a beautiful shade! xo


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