Back at the beginning of the year, I set my intention word for 2015 - the word was simplicity, and the aim was to bring more of it into my life. More mindful, intentional living was what I wanted and in trying to achieve it, I decided to start a new little 'check in' series called 'Simplify', documenting the steps I'm taking to work towards my goal. Hopefully this will be useful, or at least interesting to you guys in seeing the process through!

Yoga - The biggest, and most recent, change for me has been implementing yoga into my life daily, through the #30DaysofYoga challenge and Adriene Kesler's amazing YouTube channel. I was actually subscribed to her before the challenge began, and I had dipped in and out of her concern-specific toolbox of workouts. The last 20 days with this challenge however have really deepened my understanding of what yoga does for me and the kind of clarity it allows me. I did have to take a break day (just one!) as my neck and shoulders were really feeling the strain and tension was starting to creep into my practice, but one day and a solid sleep later and I was back on board, loving every second! I'm going to be restarting the challenge once I reach the end, and maybe opening out to her longer practices once I'm ready. I am in such a groove with this and have been recommending it to everyone - seriously, you'll be so grateful you started!

Working out - I recently moved from a super stressful job to one that is a lot more relaxed that I actually really enjoy doing every day. Perfect for me, but not so perfect when my post-work gym motivation was largely to release pent up stress and anger. At this point in time, I'm looking for a new focus to guide me at the gym and help keep me motivated - I've been really de-energised lately and I think it's just the focus I'm lacking. Any tips for getting your fitness motivation back - send 'em my way!

Diet and Lifestyle - Guys I hold my hands up - myself and my guy? We don't live the healthiest life. We're both looking to make some better choices, but you know how it goes - you're commuting two hours a day, you leave home at 6.45 and get home at 6pm, you're exhausted - try telling yourself to whip up a wholesome healthy meal after a 'workday' of almost 12 hours. I'm going to try and do better about making our car journey more like home-time - having water and juice on hand, making sure the radio stays off and we get to talk and engage with each other actively.

Having said that, I think we could be doing more preparation-wise and I am going to start getting stricter with our groceries and what we bring into the house - if it isn't there to eat, then it won't be eaten! Hopefully once we start making some more informed and loving choices about what we put into our bodies, everything else will flow from there.

As you can tell guys - I'm still a rookie at this! If you have any tips or tricks for living more healthfully, especially when you're busy, I'd really appreciate it!

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