I cannot tell you how much I need these four days guys. As you read this, I am probably about to set off, or on my way up to our old locale of Chester - if you've followed this blog since back in the day, you'll know we used to live there! Truth be told, we both really miss it, and I'm sure this visit today is going to be full of a lot of pining and dream house-hunting. The North West is never too far from our minds! After a trip down memory lane we'll be spending the weekend with J's family relaxing, hanging out with the dog and, weather permitting, taking him on some long walks. There's a place we like to go up North called Scorton, it's really beautiful and Alfie (the dog!) adores it, but I'm not sure we'll be able to take him because it's lambing season! So amazing to be around for us, but it does tend to drive that little Spaniel a bit crazy. He just wants to be friends with everyone, okay.

My thoughts have been almost entirely consumed with this, getting away and letting my mind and body rest, with a long drive to blow out the cobwebs. It always feels like when we drive up North, we're travelling to another country! I love that the North and South have their own identities, but it does kind of mean that you're always missing one...

I hope you guys have had a rewarding week and, if you celebrate, you're looking forward to a long and meandering Easter weekend. Two words - Roast. Dinner. I will see you on Sunday for a special little haul video, but until then - enjoy.

Today, J and I have reservations at The Botanist and I am BEYOND excited. Expect Instagrams and a review in the near future!

I'll be making one of these beautiful nourishment bowls featured on Nouvelle Daily on Easter Monday, after a weekend of indulgence.

Speaking of Nouvelle, its creator Kate from gh0stparties shot a Room Tour and it's basically five minutes fifteen of perfection and Pinterest-heaven.

Serena Williams did a version of Beyonce's 7/11 that makes me want to just hang out with her and like bask in her awesome empowered womanliness. Her arm muscles? WHUUUUUUT.

I treated myself to this bubble bath because I ran out of Lush bath bombs from my Christmas gift and that was a freaking tragedy, and after the past few weeks I deserve a bubble bath.

Speaking of, should someone decide they want to pick me up some GAP Pure Body leggings, I would also be cool with that.

And for all of you digging into Easter eggs this weekend, I present to you - the Daddy.

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