I'm not gonna lie guys, after last week's shenanigans, I have been wiped. So much so that this week's Friday Shared is going to be short and sweet - I worked from home, returned to work, saw friends, got hugs and loves, and generally felt better after everything that happened last Thursday. I'm looking forward to a weekend of breakfast dates, popcorn and movies, and taking things super chilled. I hear we're in for a rainy one England - let's all snuggle down until the sun reappears. Deal?

I hope you guys have had an uplifting week and are looking forward to a weekend of getting what you need... Can you believe we're almost at the end of April? Crazytown. Although, I can't say I mind - I have the most exciting May planned and I can't wait to go on adventures, see lots of people I love and take you guys along for the ride! Until then, here's the good stuff:

I'm not going to lie, I have watched this video on repeat since I knew of its existence. I remember watching J-Hud on American Idol and thinking she was a badass then, but are you kidding me? DEM LUNGS THO.

The warm weather has given me the impression that I am totally capable of tackling this strawberry lemonade recipe. Who DOESN'T want strawberry lemonade?!

Obsessed is an accurate description of how I feel about stationary. I'm glad to know A Little Opulent shares my views. This post was absolute gold.

Amsterdam is on my to-visit list (pretty near the top, to be honest) and Tami's (NAME TWIN) lovely guide has made me even MORE excited to go soon!

Loving this in-depth guide to finding your fragrance from She's In The Glow - perfume is something I feel like I'm just getting into (seriously, my wishlist is SO long) and this article really appealed to my inner geek.

This should be a blueprint for anyone working with a brand - what an incredible collab post from The Fresh Exchange. There's my outfit ideas sorted for spring!

This banoffee granola is my plan for the weekend. What's yours?

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