I honestly wasn't totally sure I wanted to post today. But then I figured, what happened today is something I do want to discuss eventually, and then the whole point of these Friday Shared posts is to share a little piece of my life with you, and this week to talk about anything aside from what happened today would be... weird. It was a big thing that happened today, even if it doesn't feel so big now that it's over.

I had surgery today - nothing major at all, it was an outpatient thing, but as the title suggests it was unexpected and in fact, my first stitches ever! In my life! I'm so grown up now. But I will admit to being worried, and I got a little teary for a second, just because I think I had been a little pent up about my appointment in general and then finding out you need surgery and having it within a one hour window is... a lot. But having *actual* angels for nurses and surgeons makes a huge difference. Today reassured me how grateful I am to live in a country where I am provided for for surgeries like this, and that the NHS, while flawed, is still something to be hugely thankful for. The women I met today made me laugh while one of them was actually taking a scalpel to my skin and if that isn't something to be amazed about, I don't know what is. So thank you, Lyzelle and Tracey, you're incredible human beings.

I don't want to wax lyrical too much, and I'm supposed to be resting as I type this so I will stop cheating now and go and join Netflix in bed but... I think it was a good experience, what happened today. Which is odd, but. Yeah. And I feel very happy to be home.

This week I took this class on SkillShare, and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me how breaking things down into the simple actionable step of: just start, can be super useful. I started writing after.

Katy's post about her Sunday pamper has me SO inspired to make myself an actual set routine. I kinda just use ALL THE PRODUCTS right now and, predictably, I WANT MOAR.

I can see this pasta dish becoming a summer staple.

Love the Nectar Collective, and love this post about 5 actionable steps you can take to make your dreams a reality. YES, ACTION-BASED GOALS. Give me all the things to do.

Rebecca's style and style posts always make me heart-eyed, and this one just basically made me want to blink my eyes and magically insert every combination into my wardrobe like yesterday.

Can we have a chat about Mad Men S7 and how I am not ready for that show to leave my life? Ditto what a babe-in babe Kiernan Shipka turned into?!

I feel a bit weirded out by this news. Not necessarily pro or against it, just weird. I can only imagine how they feel. Isn't the internet such a bizarre thing?! DOES ANYONE OUT THERE REMEMBER WHEN COMPUTERS WERE FOR THEME HOSPITAL?

I hope you have had a week of wellness, and wish you a safe and healing weekend. I'll see you on Sunday!

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