April is one of those months that has always been good for me, so I have high hopes for this one. Days are getting longer and brighter, spring is in the air, baby lambs start springing around everywhere and generally the world is filled with newness and optimism that winter is over. I'm writing this while the wind is howling and it's raining outside so take some freaking incentive and start acting like spring, April. And that is all I have to say about that!

You guys seemed to really love this new series last month (thanks for all your fun & kind comments!) so I'm looking forward to diving in and sharing with you now! 

SEE: Better Call Saul (on UK Netflix, if you have it!) This show has been everything I wanted it to be - another amazing piece of directorial elegance from Vince G, as well as the perfect salve for any still-yearning Breaking Bad fans. The acting is tour-de-force and honestly, every scene construction of this show reads like a textbook of insane skill. I love that this feels so familiar, yet the show really has its own identity as well. I could wax lyrical about this show but instead, go and watch for yourself!

LISTEN: There's a new Sufjan Stevens album, and it's out on Spotify. I think that pretty much covers it all.

GO: This weekend marks the start of some awesome long ones coming up - two bank holidays in May? YES PLEASE. So I'm proposing April be the month of road-trippin' - locally or further afield, we'll be taking our little motor on some journeys. First up, we're heading back to our old hometown of Chester this weekend for a little trip down memory lane and plenty of good eats! 

EAT: There's only one thing this can be, right? MINI EGGS. And a ton of them!

DRINK: I'm actually in love with Mangajo Pomegranate & Green Tea - SO REFRESHING and makes me feel like a new human when I drink it. 

WEAR: I've got a craving for a crisp, white shirt, and I think that this one will be coming home with me sometime soon! 

READ: Confession: I didn't get around to starting Yes Please yet, so that's #1 priority this month. 

THINK: Fresh! I am DESPERATE to get my spring clean on, and my finger has been hovering over the purchase button on this book for some time now and I think it might be the kick up the butt I need to get going. 


  1. I definitely crack out lighter colours when spring rolls around, looking to invest in a nice white shirt.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

    1. I can't wait to get my hands on that Topshop one!! Thanks for reading and commenting Sarah! T xx

  2. That bubble bath sounds delicious...


    1. Thanks Fiona! I tried to go collect it at Royal Mail today but it was shut - boo :( T xx

  3. that tea sounds soooo good!


    1. You should try it Kiera! SO tasty. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. T xx


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