So before beauty, there was stationary for me. It has been a long and enduring love that started in those heady summer trips to WH Smith, picking out my notebooks, gel pens, pencil cases and backpacks for the school year ahead. Things like thickness of paper, the right spiral binding and having pens in ALL the colours were super important to me then. And in a way, nothing has changed. I could spend hours in Paperchase, whiling away my time. But this year was an exception to the rule - I'd discovered a new way to get my fix. Online stationary shops. And online meant international - there was stuff on these sites you couldn't even get your hands on in shops here! I think the exact thought that ran through my mind was 'Hold my earrings, I'm goin' in...'

I'd been on the hunt for a new planner a little ways into 2015 - none of my usual Paperchase faves were quite cutting it. I wanted options - month AND day view, and I wanted something design-wise that made my heart flutter. It was March by the time I found it, on Sticker Stack, a site relatively new to me. The brand was Iconic Design, a Korean stationery supplier, and the design that stole my heart was the Daily Planner v.3.

Working in digital all day AND for my side hobby, I wanted something hand-written to keep me organised. I needed a place to jot down all of those incidental thoughts I had while at my desk, or sitting down watching something to relax. When I saw the design of this bad boy? I knew I'd found the one. Not only does the planner allow for hour-by-hour planning of your day in the day view (be still my heart), it also allows you to set three key tasks for each day in the checklist at the top. Genius. The planner's design also means that the days are flexible - you fill in the date and circle the day of the week you're on, so you could use this only for working days, or only for weekends, or to dip into and out of.

There's a 'notes' space at the bottom of each day view and a small space for any titles or reminders - you can see above where I've written in green gel pen? That's the blog post going live on that day. On the right hand side of the page I usually keep reminders for home (TV shows that air on particular nights, any budgeting I need to do) and on the left, tasks throughout the day. I can't tell you how much this helps me to focus, and keeps my mind on what's at hand.

If you brain doesn't work quite the same way as mine, the planner also comes with a medium size grid layout at the beginning, which could be used as a month view, and a larger, 2x2 grid at the back, which I currently use for blog and video ideas for TGG. I really can't tell you how happy this makes me!

Whilst I admire highly decorated and super girly looking planner layouts, like the Erin Condren kind, I feel like this minimal planner works a lot better for me, keeps everything streamlined and is appropriate for the office. I'd recommend it to anyone, and I take every opportunity to, believe me!

How do you organise your time? Do you use a planner? What do you use? GIVE ME ALL THE STATIONERY GOODNESS.


  1. gosh I'm a sucker for a good planner. Normally I use a Filofax so I can customise it but this looks brilliant! Will definitely be checking out that Sticker Stack website :)


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