Happy Sunday/video day! Let's get settled in with a new video, and up to bat this weekend are my most favourite blushes in my collection - every pinched, perky shade for your perusal. It's quite drugstore heavy actually, so hopefully there'll be a couple of choices to inspire a mini shopping trip? Treat yourself! I hope you enjoy and, if you have any suggestions for future '5 Fave' videos, please do leave them in the comments!

I hope you guys have had an amazing weekend and are enjoying a relaxing Sunday - I'll catch you tomorrow with a new post. Until then!


  1. Sold me to try some of them for sure! Never been able to make creamy ones work but am determined to give it another go!


  2. YUPP, this video sent me over the edge and I finally picked up Tipsy after deliberating on it for years. (True Love is one of my all time favourite blushes, if not, my /favourite/)
    As much as I like JM's cheek gelee, IT STAINS MY FINGERS MORE THAN MY CHEEKS. And I half expected it to smell of coconuts, because of the whole 'coconut water' part. If you can get your hands on Milani, their blush in 'Corallina' is also super pretty.


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