I feel so different to where I was writing this last Thursday evening, it's laughable. Today I'm content, filled with anticipation and good energy, and just generally in love and lucky. This week has moved quickly and been mostly really productive and enjoyable, despite feeling a little tired. I know that comes as a result of not being able to work out, which I'm SO happy to be able to do again! Seriously, having stitches out is a freeing business. I think I'm going to do some yoga practice tonight to celebrate.

I'm also so happy that this weekend is a long one (hands up who else loves May? TWO BANK HOLIDAYS) and that I have lovely plans for Arabic food tomorrow night with a big group of my girls from work. I always laugh and smile so much with these guys, so making plans with them always makes me super happy. I'm also hoping to do a little Cotswolds-exploring with my guy, and a lot of home-y nesting stuff. Perfect weekend!

Wishing you an adventurous weekend, I hope you've had an uplifting week also. I will see you on Sunday with a new video and don't forget... IT'S GONNA BE MAY.

I don't know where I've been, but this week I discovered sunbeamsjess and her video about YouTube and filming is perhaps the most useful and least patronising one I've ever found.

SOUND THE GOOD NEWS KLAXON. Not only did ITG feature beauty goddess Lisa Eldridge's top shelf this week (heaven) but... LISA IS BRINGING OUT A BOOK. On the history of make up and beauty. My body is ready.

I've been loving Victoria McGinley's blog lately, especially this post on 4 ways to find a work/life balance - doesn't it feel like finding this is getting more and more elusive?

I'm such a big fan of Siobhan's blog, Bless the Weather, in general, but seeing her post on her new business venture, Calder & Byrne, I am giddy. One of the sweetest ladies I have met online and her ethos behind her e-store is sourcing British handmade goods that have been curated by Siobhan's discerning eye. I'm so very excited to see this all unfold and to pick up some items from the shop!

Rosie's Three Ways with Chorizo is definitely going to be happening very soon - I'm so glad someone else feels the 'man must have meat with meal' dilemma that I get with J!

I'm having a huge 'bake and meal prep' weekend, or that's the plan anyways... These grain and gluten free flapjacks are definitely on the list!

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  1. Oh I just saw this, thanks so much for the share! When are you coming to London again? Would love to mete up for tea :) xx


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