Well, hasn't this week been a doozy! I don't know if anyone else has been feeling the effects of ol' Mercury and its movements (yes, we're going there) - but I have been totally unable to get started this week. First off I got sick, the sickest I've been in a while, and that sucked royally. Then, as I've started to feel better, each thing I try to do (working out again, going back to the office, trying to be creative) has just left me feeling even more drained, unable to function properly. It's been a one step forward, three steps back kinda time, and I'm SO in need of this long weekend it's untrue.

Late May bank holiday weekend is always a special one for us, as it's usually when our anniversary falls. This will be our 6th, and we're headed to Bath for the day to celebrate, which I'm so excited about! I'm also super excited to give him his anniversary present - I DID GOOD. I did SO good. Eeek!!!

I hope you've had a straight-forward week (unlike mine!) and wish you a loving weekend.

This week, Mad Men ended, and the finale was wonderful and beautifully-written, satisfying to the end and made perfect sense. Don Draper's phone call... THAT'S ALL I'M GONNA SAY. ALL THE EMMYS. If you don't want to be spoilered don't click this link, but I'm now totally obsessed with this tumblr.

On the flip side, I've spent most of this week wrestling with some strong feelings of disgust at Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones. SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU CLICK - This article sums up my thoughts mostly, and why I won't be calling it 'my favourite TV show' anymore.

I love that Vanessa decided to join the land of the living again with a home office tour, which features a B&BW candle collection to rival mine - the closest I've seen anywhere else on the Internet! YAY US FOR LITERALLY BURNING OUR MONEY.

I've adored Fiona's blog for a long time and this post on creating a cosy outdoor space has just made me five thousand times more excited to get a house of our own!

Into Mind's bumper styling advice posts are not to be looked over, and this 'Getting started with fashion: A Beginner's Guide' is absolutely no exception.

Real reason I got nothing done this week: how much I just want to live in this video.

Obsessed with the styling of this. Want to try it out soon for work!

See you on Sunday for uh... another... haul... Maybe. Perhaps.

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  1. Pls....don't kid yourself. My BBW candle collection is currently at 16 candles...GET ON MY LEVEL (jks)(BUT AYYYY, 16 CANDLES...LIKE...THE MOVIE!!)(but my god if only burning literal money smelled /that/ good, pft)

    I remember watching Mad Men in high school but somewhere along the way stopped. I should pick it up again now that it's done *-*


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