I cannot believe that as I write this, I have already seen my mum and family, partied with my nearest and dearest, spent time in London and attended my first social media conference, all in the space of a week. To say it has been busy is a huge understatement! I've been feeling dizzy and giddy and exhausted at times, fearful of falling asleep on the train home and missing my stop, but I'm melancholy about seeing Friday this week. Happy, because WEEKEND!, and spending time at home after you've been away is just the absolute best, isn't it? But so sad, because waving goodbye to your loved ones as they go off to their next locale is never easy. Still, this week has been incredible and I've been doing so much smiling and laughing I'm just about manoeuvring my facial muscles back to resting bitch face as per.

Highlights included Savage Beauty (totally blew my mind), returning to the West End for a show (my first and most true love), eating from the bounty that is High Street Kensington Whole Foods (I feel like if my happiness had a centre, this would be it) and seeing a lot of lovely faces - including one I'm about to mention in my round-up! I hope you've had a week that fulfilled you creatively and personally, and wish you a weekend of cheese on toast and sofa dates to recover. Be happy and full!

Those good people I was speaking about? I was over the moon to spend Saturday night celebrating my Uncle Jim (legend) who turned 80 this weekend, and to get the chance to catch up with my beautiful and talented cousin Anne-Marie. She previewed her debut single Karate this week (and didn't let on a hint, sneaky!), which is released July 10. Go give it a listen! She's the first artist on Rudimental's new label Major Toms, and I'm thinking (and hoping) this will be a BIG summer for her!

Have we not all dreamed of rocking up to an airport looking like Miranda Kerr?

Seeing as we're headed there this summer, I appreciated this round up of what to do with 48 hours in Barcelona.

An oldie but a goodie - debating making Lips So Facto's Bibimbap this weekend after remembering I had the recipe saved.

As I mentioned before, I went to see Savage Beauty this week and can honestly say I was moved, haunted, changed... I didn't think art (what his designs were, as far as anyone is concerned) as an installation could have such a profound effect on me, especially seeing as I knew what to expect, had seen the artwork and imagery surrounding the installation and knew (vaguely) about the McQueen aesthetic. But when you're immersed and surrounded by his work... It's pretty overwhelming. I'd recommend it with every breath in my lungs and as a result have been frantically YouTubing/googling everything McQueen. For those that haven't seen VOSS - this is one of his shows which really stayed with me.

Garance Doré's letter to her twenty year old self made me cry. It reminds me of that quote: 'life is lived forwards, but understood backwards'.

I visited COS in London and have been unable to forget about this shirt. When I put it on I literally said 'Oh crap'. Because LOOK AT THE PRICE TAG. AND IT'S DRY CLEAN ONLY. But I have never put anything so nice on my skin ever.

See you on Sunday with a BIG. OL'. HAUL. 

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