April was a funny one - a lot of sunny days and a lot of sleepless nights. The weather got warmer and then suddenly colder, and May is off to a flying start with bucketfuls of rain here in the UK. Still, I'm optimistic, and when I look out to the fields around my house and start seeing rapeseed and bluebells making the world colourful again, I can't be grouchy for long at all. So here's to spring and summer, brighter days and better weather (hey, I'm an optimist).

I love making these posts for you, and I hope you guys enjoy this month's round up.

SEE: I'm hoping to catch Savage Beauty this month at the V&A, and I'm so excited to get down there and actually witness McQueen's creations in person! I've been wanting to visit this exhibition since it was on in New York years ago, so I'm so stoked to finally get my chance. 

LISTEN: I have discovered the healing powers of RHODES this month, and the song 'The Lakes' has really been helping me whenever any anxiety bubbles up, as it has been prone to do lately. Hopefully with a little soul-soothing music I can keep this bout at bay. I've also been loving podcasts (anyone else not loving Undisclosed as much as Serial?), my favourites this month have been Being Boss and Make It Happen. Both make me really happy and excited to be a female creator working in digital. 

GO: Everywhere! May is home to two bank holiday weekends, which are perfect for a little homelands exploration. J and I have Bath pencilled in for our 6 year anniversary later this month, and a Cotswolds village like Bourton-On-The-Water or Stow-On-The-Wold (what is with these names?!) for a Sunday or Monday meander. 

EAT: I mentioned in my Meal Planning post that both of us are trying to eat a lot more mindfully, and I think that starts with shopping seasonally and exploring new dishes and flavours to introduce into your weekly meals. Looks like we've got some asparagus, spinach and curly lettuce on the menu! 

DRINK: This is where I admit to being a *little* naughty and adoring Snapple Pink Lemonades at this time of year. I'M WEAK, I KNOW.

WEAR: New sunglasses are on the list this month, and I've got my eyes on this pair, or perhaps one from Quay

READ: I'm desperate to pick up Darling Magazine and have a read - their online presence and blog really intrigues me, so I'd love to see what their aesthetic and message is like in print. I've also got my eye on Eat, Nourish, Glow - it's been in my basket for weeks!

THINK: Chilled. I think I'm out of the office more than I'm in it this month *rapturous applause* so it'll be a great time to refocus, center, spend some much-needed time with loved ones and get ready to re-evaluate my goals and progress for the rest of the year. 

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