Jo Malone is quickly dominating my entire fragrance line-up and I can't say I'm mad about it - this latest addition to the collection, Wood Sage and Sea Salt, joined the family only a week ago and I've worn little since. Such is the effect of these perfumes - the way they linger on the skin and clothes, how often you'll catch a sniff of the scent you're wearing and think 'Who smells awesome? Oh, it's me...' It's a pretty difficult package to turn down.

Wood Sage and Sea Salt has already generated a fair bit of buzz but, as is my way, I sat back on purchasing this until I could get in-store and have a whiff myself. Upon first sniff this is a strong, unfaltering scent - almost heavy like cologne, but with a Marc Jacobs-esque 'Daisy' kind of freshness. There's bright, light and airy notes which help to counterbalance the headiness of the sea salt. It, like most of Jo Malone's fragrances, is unisex and this one leans a little on the masculine. I can't say I mind. It's a refreshing break from the usually overly saccharine vanilla scents that find their way around at this time of year. But then, I've always liked a head-turner. It's strong upon first spray, but fades down to a really nice natural fresh scent, and smells almost even better when warmed up with the natural temperature of your skin. I think this is the key to these perfumes - how they interact with your body temperature and (getting a bit icky now maybe?) sweat. That's what makes them feel lived-in, personal, and quite sensual. Can you tell I'm a big fan?

The one, understandable, bug-bear people have with these perfumes is the price, so let's have a little conversation about what you all want to know: is it worth it? 

I'll break it down - £40 odd for a travel-sized perfume is not kosher for me, so I usually reserve my purchases for duty-free (thank the lawd for Heathrow Terminal 3), where the travel sized bottles are a more digestible £31. At £31, I'm a lot more comfortable saying that my Pomegranate Noir, which I bought and reviewed this time last year, has lasted me for a full year and is still going strong. There's just over half the bottle left and I'm fairly liberal in my spritzes. So when looking at things in this way, it's pretty decent value for money. Maybe not super cost-effective, but a much easier pill to swallow. And, as I always say here, you get what you pay for. Of course you can pick up perfumes for £20-30 in MUCH bigger bottles, but I know when I pick up my Jo Malone perfume that I'm picking it up for its subtlety, how it makes me feel, and the knowledge that no one else will smell just like me.

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