Happy Sunday and HAPPY HAUL TIME. Cheeky YouTube stats tell me these videos are your favourite kind and, let's be honest, they're my favourite kind to film. This one is packed to the brim with US beauty goodies that my lovely mum was kind enough to scoop up for me on a recent trip to San Fran - the woman is a BABE. So I really hope you guys enjoy taking a look through the bits and bobs I got and do remember to subscribe to my channel for new videos every Sunday if you haven't already!

Have a lovely rest of your weekend and a beautiful week ahead. See you tomorrow!

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  1. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT SEPHORA SAMPLES??/ WHATTTTTTTTTT. But yeah, #BLESSED. I recall being in Boots last year and asking about their return policy and was baffled that I couldn't return anything, even if it was unopened. #rude
    As for the products you got in the States that eventually made available in the UK--at least you saved some $$ there? Considering the currency exchange rate and all, you guys are at an obvious advantage. Also, 7 pounds for an EOS lipbalm is highway robbery. I recently /finally/ picked up the full size of Nirvana White and I'm NOW A BASIC BITCH TOO.


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