It's time for your Sunday sub-boxes to explode, and I'm here to contribute my five pence's worth - back with ANOTHER haul (I know, I know) - here's the 'best of the rest' from my US bits and bobs. This is of course not including the box of Chips Ahoy and the trillions of Justins peanut butter cups my mum also smuggled back to the UK for me. We'll keep that between me and my fridge.

Enjoy, have an amazing long weekend (no blue Monday this week! Woo!), and I'll see you tomorrow with a new post!


  1. I've loved your haul video's! Enjoy your purchases. I'd love to see more workday looks and outfits from you!

    1. Thanks so much Bella - I'm sure I will! I promise once I get the confidence to do outfits and lookbooks, I will! <3 Thanks for watching and commenting as always. T xx


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