Hey guys! Apologies for missing the usual Sunday video spot but I've been spending the weekend disconnected in the country with family and I kinda couldn't be happier for the break. If you're subscribed on YT you might have already seen this yesterday but for those that aren't - this one's a little bit of a different video for you guys. A little less than a month back you might remember me speaking about having some surgery done at hospital, and I wanted to just have a quick chat about what happened/why I had surgery, and the importance of checking yourself regularly and getting to a doctor if you're worried.

I know this one takes a different tone to what's usually on my channel but hey, a change will do you good and if my daft little ramble can help someone out who's been worrying then that's good enough for me.

There may or may not be a Wednesday post this week, forgive me if it's a little late, but I will definitely see you again on Friday for a week's round up. Have a great one!

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