Somehow, we head into June tomorrow, which means it's about time for a favourites video to hit your sub boxes. It's quite a make-up heavy selection this month, but these are some really great quality picks and I've been introducing a lot of new products into my regular rotations! I hope you guys enjoy, have a great Sunday wherever you are and remember to subscribe to the channel if you're new here!

I'll see you tomorrow for your 'One Thing In June' installment!


  1. That Lorac shadow certainly looks great on your eyes!! I ordered the palette from Nordstrom taxes, duties and all, but am unfortunately underwhelmed. The cheap flimsy packaging and the powderiness of the palette has unfortunately put me off doing much more than swatching it. It really must try again sometime....

    1. Give it another try! You might find that you like it now :) I must say that I was concerned by the powderiness of the shadows but I always tap off my brush anyhow, and this got rid of a lot of the tricky excess :) Do let me know how you get on! T xx


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