Yep. That happened last weekend. Choccywoccydoodah is all I have to say about the above and it was wonderful. After a super indulgent and wonderful girls' weekend away, I came back ready and recharged to get to WORK this week - and I did! I think the sunshine, getting back into the gym, and having had some serious downtime has really helped - also, the healing power of being near to someone who has known you for over half your life. My travel companion and best friend Melissa has also recently taken up blogging too (hers is a travel blog!) so I'd love if you went over and said hi! It'd make her day.

I've been thinking a lot this week about energy and attracting what I want more of in my life - trying to be positive, being more active and just generally taking better care of myself and those around me. It's an easy thing in theory, and an easier thing to practice when the sun is out, so I'm riding out the good vibes for as long as they last. I think if you make time to cultivate happiness when life is good, hopefully it will have become a habit for the times when things are bad.

I hope you've had a scrummy week, and are looking forward to a mindful weekend.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned her at length, but Sandra is a total fav of mine and her styling post on 'Summer Blacks' is just gorgeous.

Sophie's blog is a long-time favourite and has been mentioned here before, but this post on 'A New Way to Move Forward with Blogging' is so true to what I think a lot of people are feeling about blogging and writing on the internet at the moment. I really appreciated her candour.

So I'll just be uh... nipping off to Santorini, if anyone needs me. Ta.

New The Weeknd dropped, and it was awesome. Have played this so many times I can't count, since Monday.

Um, Game of Thrones got its groove back. In a major way. Don't click if you're avoiding spoilers.

This story is one of the most awful I've heard this week - I can't begin to imagine how awful it was for those involved and their families and friends. My thoughts are with them as they recover. My dad broke his toe on a faulty ride at Alton Towers and the only reason he couldn't raise a case against them was because we lived overseas. I'll reserve my thoughts on the theme park, but I hope they think VERY seriously before reopening that ride, if it is going to be reopened at all.

I'll see you on Sunday for a new video - until then, stay well and safe!


  1. Goddamnit, when I went to Brighton, we planned on visiting Choccywoccydoodah but ran out of time - DEVASTATED. That looks unbelievable!

    Santorini is just...honestly, my favourite place in the world. Anywhere in Greece is. I only wish I could have spent longer there! If it's possible, it's actually a million times better than postcards and pictures. I would do anything to go back and walk through those streets and eat all their delicious food!

    I am SO excited to listen to the new Weeknd album, god it's a good time for music lately!!

    Game Of Thrones, YES. No words.

    Brodie Jay

    1. Aah Brodie, your comments always make my day! This is why you have to come back to England - think of all the Choccywoccydoodahs you've missed! Come get yours!

      And yes, need new The Weeknd NOW please. Gah!

      SO HAPPY YOU'RE BACK BLOGGING! I missed you millions! T xx


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