Life has this really funny way of getting you to a strong, happy place, and then saying - okay, here it comes. I don't exactly have much to complain about here, life is good, but you know when everything just kind of HAPPENS at once, and you can see the storm and the mess forming... That is where I am. Looking off the edge of a cliff, preparing my bungee ropes, and hoping like hell I've got the stuff to see it through! This week can be summed up with a phone call to my mum, in the middle of a little panic attack, when I squealed: "I feel okay as an adult until everything happens at once, and then I feel so bad at being a grown up..." To which she replied, in her infinite wisdom: "That's not being a bad grown up. That's being human."

So, back to my Pacifica app I go, back to breathing and podcasts and trying to discipline my mind into not jumping around all over the place and just letting things be. It sounds ridiculous, but for someone with a nervous disposition, it's challenging. I'll need these lessons for the rest of my life, though, so best to get them in place now! The best offence is a good defence, and all that.

This weekend is going to be spent sofa shopping after our beloved IKEA sofa died (long story, but they're being super cool about it, so it's all good) and chilling the EFF. OUT.

I hope you've had a stress-free week and are looking forward to a constructive weekend.

Kate from Gh0stparties' 24 Hours in Iceland post made me entirely wanderlust-y and very jealous. Reykjavik, next on the list!

Chiatra's round up of 5 Awesome Brush Fonts made me all kinds of heart eyes and quite itchy to do a little blog redesign.

I cannot talk about this week without talking about the huge bravery and courage of Ingrid Nilsen. I've been watching her for some four years now and she has always struck me as someone with a lot of poise, and a really good head on her shoulders. Her incredible 'coming out' video will, I hope, encourage diversity and open-mindedness in a community which desperately needs more of it. So inspiring.

I'm very keen to try these overnight honey oats from Deliciously Ella. YUM.

I've enjoyed Tamira's travel tips series on both her blog and YouTube channel this week. Everything about this girl's taste and aesthetic speaks to me.

I'm so happy to see so many favourites, especially the very gorgeous Tenneil, featured in Bloglovin's 10 up-and-coming Beauty Bloggers to Watch. YAY for promoting new, interesting and exciting content.

This week takes me back to Manchester for a little work trip. I'm looking forward to being reunited with Selfridges.

Have a good one and I'll see you on Sunday for a cheeky vlog!

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  1. I love the Pacifica App! I use it to monitor my daily habits as well as to help with anxiety and panic attacks.



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