I know I write sonnets and monologues about the time of year almost every post, but - can you believe next week will be July? What is even happening right now? We're over halfway through the year! It's so soon to my birthday and I feel in no way prepared for 27, but the sun has been shining, and we've got some exciting plans ahead of us in July, August and September, so I'm embracing everything with joy. And this week has been pretty joyful - lighter, for many reasons, than I have felt in a while. Not least due to making some positive decisions for myself and seeing a lot less internet-hate in my full time job. Aren't trolls funny? Just when you think everyone has better things to do than harass a publishing company... Jeez.

Helping with the healing vibes, I've been nesting in a pretty big way. I've changed around my office and desk space a little, we have our new sofa (*angel song*) and I'm making it this summer's mission to declutter and reduce the amount of 'stuff' we have in the house. A house should be a place filled with happiness and good vibes, not paperwork, ya dig? So, this weekend, we may or may not be making a sneaky little pilgrimage to IKEA (we totally may) to get started on Project Nest!

I hope you have had a renewing week and look forward to a weekend full of your favourite things.

Kicking things off with such happy news - my beautiful love, Ren, got engaged to Clayton. These two have an absolutely amazing story and I encourage you to go and read her post about it, but from my side? I am so, so happy for her for throwing her heart out in front of her and running to catch it. This world isn't made for those who don't take their chances.

Katy's amazing blogging space has got me both heart-eyes-ing and also immensely jealous, all at once. This is what the dream looks like!

In love with Leon Bridges' new album which has been my summer desk-side vibe while I'm trying to get through a long work day. It's like being transported to the other side of the world with a cool iced tea and a sundress.

Along the same vein, please let me brag a little bit about my amazing cousin, Anne-Marie. She is incredible and has been since she was tiny, and this week she debuted her first song as a featured artist with Rudimental, which I'm obsessed with. It's SUCH a good summer song and I just know there are huge things ahead for her! It makes me grin big.

We saw Jurassic World last weekend (screams) and this list of zoo keepers impersonating Chris Pratt made me so. Happy. Also - Chris Pratt. Who knew, right?

I want someone to just make me a book of failsafe wardrobe options like this one. Anyone? Anyone want to do that for me?

Go download the Stylist app and read their latest Sweden/Scandi issue. If that doesn't inspire you to pack up and go Nordic for good, I don't know what will.

Picked up this shade by Essie and I am SO EXCITED to put it on my toesies for summer.

I'll be back on Sunday with June Favourites (still in shock)!


  1. Adrienne and Clayton's story made me swoon, too. The best of luck to them both.
    Keep up the joy and positivity, Tamira! x


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