My love for the original Glam Glow YouthMud Tingle Exfoliate mask is well documented, and despite it having the longest most ridiculous name ever and a price tag which almost matches in absurdity, I still feel the same way I did about it as the first time I ever applied - this stuff is a game-changer. Youthful, plump, tight and glowing skin every time I use it, it has become almost like a trusty sidekick that I know I can fall back on when things get rough. So when I peeped Sephora's Get Glowing value set from the brand, it was an almost knee-jerk reaction. Add to cart. Job done.

First to the math - this is $69 which, whilst not cheap, does grant you an almost-full-size product with two miniatures for the same price as a full price YouthMud Tingle Exfoliate mask alone. That to me looks like free stuff, which I'm never going to argue with. But do the freebs live up to their predecessor's glowing reviews? Let's cut to the chase.

In the blue tube, the ThirstyMud hydrating treatment. This is a souped-up, less artificial smelling version of the Origins Drink-Up Overnight mask - another fave, but I *think* this product might have one-upped it. This applies more like a balm and doesn't leave skin tacky, but rather immediately plumps and left my skin juicy and silky smooth to the touch. I have been known to use this one in place of a night cream, as you can leave this on overnight, or remove after ten to fifteen minutes. I just can't imagine wanting to! It leaves my skin feeling so divine, the scent is gorgeous - kind of like sponge cake? - and application is easy and quick. Definitely a permanent in the Sunday pamper line-up these days.

Now on to the conundrum. The green tube, better known to his friends as the Powermud Dual Cleanse treatment. The idea of this one is a mask-cleanser hybrid, which you leave on for ten to fifteen minutes while it does its taught-and-tingle thing (much like the original YouthMud), before adding water and using it like a cleanser. This all seems fine, aside from one thing - things got foamy. And for an oily to combination skin, when stuff got foamy, I got panicky. I didn't want to be using anything that would overly dry my skin out or mess with the pH on my skin's surface, so red flags started appearing. Whilst not entirely drying, I just didn't see the same effects with this mask as I did the other two. It felt as though it was doing something while it was on my face, but the proof is in the pudding and I really didn't see too much of a difference. I'll let you know if this changes!

So there you have it - two big hits, and one kinda miss, but crunch time - is it worth it? Completely! Value sets from Sephora rarely let you down and this one is no exception - great value for money for standout products - and who knows? The green mask just might be your favourite! 


  1. Ooooh interesting! I have yet try any of the Glamglow products and I'm not sure why! They have been on my list to try for years! Must get on that xx
    The Beauty Bloss

    1. You must try the original mask out - it is completely worth the hype! Sooo good for your skin - my skin loved it when I had dry skin and even now with oily/combination - just love! T xx

  2. I'm such a sucker for Sephora favorites boxes and value sets! I have found so many products that I love that I otherwise would have never tried.

    Though I have to agree with you, while I love the black/blue/white bottle masks from GlamGlow, I just couldn't warm up to the dual mask/cleanse in the green bottle. /=

    ♡Em |

    1. Aah I'm glad to hear someone else felt the same way Emmy! Thanks for commenting and reading. and god, I don't know how you live with the temptation of those sets constantly. If we had Sephora in the UK...... My bank balance would be SO non-existent!!! T xx


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