June, I am so ready for you. I'm ready for you to be sunny, I'm ready for you to start feeling like summer, to bring long nights and boundless optimism. I'm ready for the heat to warm my bones and the smell of SPF. I'm ready to catch up with friends and go on more adventures. And I am BEYOND ready to get Mercury out of retrograde and start feeling on top of my game again! If any of you have been feeling a little funky in May... maybe that's why! Overall, the last one has been a good month, but if you can't tell? SUPER pleased to welcome a new one. Summer is my favourite time of year and the time when I feel most alive, so I'm looking forward to harnessing that and using it to springboard into new creative pursuits and a lot of energy-giving activity!

SEE: Last month, after years of her being desperate to see it on stage, I finally got to take my mum to go and see Miss Saigon. It was really wonderful and damn, can these talented folk sing, but moreover it reminded me about the importance of supporting the theatre. Miss Saigon itself is very lucky to be a Cameron Mackintosh production (read: serious backing and financial support), but it's important to bear in mind that theatre in England isn't just the West End. The London Fringe calendar is a great resource if you're in the city, but outside of the capital, Manchester gives us HOME, an amazing new theatre and performance space. My beloved Liverpool has the Unity, and I'm sure the more you get to know wherever you are, you'll find a vibrant and exciting arts scene. Please remember to support your local arts, as they'll need it more than ever in the next four years. /endrant

LISTEN: The last month was pretty solidly dominated by Wilder Mind, which I'm still trying to make my mind (aha!) up about. It's a really different sound and I don't want to be like some Dylanesque 'ACOUSTIC IS BETTER THAN ELECTRIC' type fan, but I think I do prefer Mumford in the acoustic era. Eh. I hate being THAT guy.  

GO: To the seaside! This past weekend my best friend and I went on a girly weekend to Brighton and it was freaking fantastic. The Fringe and Food festivals were on, the sea air (though blustery) was refreshing and the Laines were as magical and wiggly-windy as ever. Expect plenty of posts, mostly of food, because we quite literally ate that city whole. Also, I thoroughly recommend the myhotel Brighton. For grannies like us, exhausted by a long day of walking - they lend you DVDs!! They have a huge library and they just lend them to you! Board games too! REVELATION.

EAT: There will be a separate post about my experiences eating at veggie restaurants, but Food For Friends takes veggie and vegan (and frankly ANY) cuisine to a totally new level. I felt like Wayne's World - we are not worthyyyy! We are not worthyyy! 

DRINK: Obsessed with Cawston Press' Apple and Rhubarb drinks at the mo'. So refreshing and delicious.

WEAR: Ladies, it's day dress season. I am obsessed with this one from H&M. 

READ: I have a MAHOOSIVE Book Depository order about to be placed. In it are a lot of books I've mentioned in previous posts, but Honestly Healthy is one that I'm very excited to get stuck in to! 

THINK: Zing! Zing is the onomatopoeic representation of how I feel about June. It's energetic, bouncy, if it had a taste it would be citrus... You see where I'm going with this. Think awake, alive, and full of outward explorative energy. I feel this is going to be a good one!

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