This range has already featured in a recent Favourites video but I figured you might be interested in a little more of an in-depth review, seeing as this is a line from the Living Proof range that isn't too readily available in the UK. With a name like 'Perfect Hair Day', I had expectations set pretty high for this set, and after reaching a slight 'dead end' with my hair products, I really wanted to be wow-ed. Living Proof isn't exactly the cheapest line of haircare (but is sulphate and silicone free, for those wondering), and at $29 for three travel-sized products, the bar was pretty high for this stuff to deliver. So was it the haircare I'd always dreamed?

Yes and no. Don't get me wrong, this stuff is wonderful. It gives brilliant, effortless, beachy texture to hair, it's nourishing, it's softening without being heavy or weighing down hair at all (although short-haired ladies, be careful how much you use!). My blonde looks a nicer shade, and much less tin-y and brassy. It's about as close as I can fathom my hair being to Jennifer Aniston hair which might have something to do with why she's the brand ambassador. The styling treatment again is awesome for those that use heat-styling - I don't use this too frequently, and I was already seeing really positive results from using the shampoo and conditioner, so I can't sing its praises too much as it's hard to separate the good results!

However, my slight irk with this product is that I've been noticing a little more sensitivity on my scalp and the skin behind my ears. I'm not sure if this shampoo and conditioner has a texturising product which is drying me out a little, but I tend to pair both now with the Sachajuan Scalp Repair, which keeps things a little happier. Again, I'm not totally convinced this is the PHD products, I'm just noting what I've found.

Having said that, I would definitely repurchase. For the way it makes my colour look alone, it's worth it for me. And I get soft, great looking hair for little to no effort. My kind of good hair days. 

If you're interested in trying these products out, but you live in the UK - have no fear! I found them on Escentual, although they're out of stock at the moment. One to bookmark! 

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