It doesn't feel like that long ago I took you around my little workspace for the first time, but I feel like a lot has changed in four months, and there's some new pieces I've introduced which I feel really 'finish' the office and make it more me. I love a good nosey around others' homes and interiors so I figured why not indulge a little curiosity and take you around for a second viewing!

The biggest change is a drastic reduction of clutter. It's not 100% of the way there but my office is definitely feeling a lot less chaotic, which I'm pleased about! I've concentrated on one or two eye-catching pieces, the centre of which is my vintage Good Housekeeping print, a present from the girls I worked with at the magazine that I absolutely treasure. I've finally found a place to display it proudly and I'm thrilled with how it looks. Does anyone else prefer the 'lean-to' frames, rather than ones hanging on a wall? Just me? Too much Pinterest?

The other additions were gifts from my man, a copper 'T' and a beautiful copper and glass jewellery box from Oliver Bonas (no longer available! Eek!), which houses all of my everyday pieces that I wear most often. My Olivia Burton watch, Madewell wishbone necklace and dainty rings from New York all live in here. I love having a little trinket box on my desk and this one is so delicate and grown-up, it makes me smile every time I look over at it.

I've also got my Oh Deer notebooks from Edited in Brighton for when inspiration strikes, and some reading material I like to thumb through when I'm in need of a creativity boost. Making the list at the moment are 'It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be', 'Pretty Honest' and Kinfolk magazine.

I'm in love with how clean and simple everything looks now, and can only imagine streamlining even more in the future! What do you guys think of the updates? Do you prefer it before, or how it is now?


  1. Dream office! Love the copper jewellery box, your boy has good taste ;)


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