I believe it was Suzie’s blog which first introduced me to Café Coho, a little indie café chain famous for its pancakes. Waking up in Brighton on Saturday, the sun was out, the streets were quiet, and we treated ourselves to a leisurely walk down the Laines, following Google Maps to this tucked away locale. We did get a little lost, but a quick word with an obliging gent at Café Nero took us right where we needed to be! Locals knowing where a place is = good sign.

When we arrived to the little (little being the operative word, although there was seating available outside) brick-walled, cosy caf, I was delighted instantly. I don’t know what it is about you Brightonians and cake, but every café you walk into has these beautiful creations on cake platters greeting you at every turn, with slices the size of doorstops! The place was Instagram heaven, with quite an industrial feel about the interiors. Did I mention the exposed brick? Yeah. It was fab.

Mel and I ‘ummed’ and ‘aahed’ over the menu for a while – too many tempting choices! – but in the end both settled for the fruit and yoghurt pancakes that you see above, with generous pots of tea. We nattered for quite some time, I do remember my grumbling tummy indicating it was definitely time for food, but whenever our plates arrived, we were far from disappointed. Presentation was immaculate, the smell was mouth-watering and, after biting into our first pancake, both of us shared *that* look. The “oh my god this is the moment” look.

Both Mel and I agreed, they were the best pancakes we’d ever had. Fluffy in the middle but beautifully crisp and slightly crunchy on the outside, these pancakes were an artform unto themselves. If I HAD to be picky, if I ordered it again I would ask for no figs. I just don’t get figs. I feel like a failure. That aside, everything about this breakfast was perfect, but COME. HUNGRY. Like we did. Portion size is generous and these pancakes are filling!

Café Coho has a couple of locations in Brighton, but we visited the one in the Laines on Ship Street, just by the seafront. Please do go check them out, as their food is really beyond good and the staff are so lovely. I wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant and can’t wait to go back there someday soon!

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