Do I have your attention? Hahaha, I'm so sorry to do this to you if you're hungry, but this place was too good not to talk about on the blog, so let's get into it.

This past weekend, my best friend and I visited Brighton as her belated birthday present/girly weekend adventure times. Now, my lovely girl is a veggie, so I did a little pre-visitation groundwork to scope out good veggie and vegan restaurants for our stay. As it turns out, there wasn't anything to worry about - Brighton TOTALLY blows everything out of the water in terms of independent businesses and their restaurant and cafe scene is no different - so many options, for every taste!

After doing a little blogger and vlogger research, one vegetarian specialist restaurant kept being mentioned again and again - Food For Friends. The awards this place has won will speak for themselves, but I was super intrigued to give this a go with my best girl and see what we both made of the fare - I know one of the big problems Liss has with her diet is that the food is often so 'same-y' - stuffed peppers and pesto pasta galore. So, we were both looking to be impressed by this place.

If you think it looks good, let's talk you through the taste. Both of us plumped to save room on starters and hit up the main event instead - Mel went for a vegetarian butternut squash and spinach curry with pappadums and rice and all kinds of goodness. I feel like I should point out this is the first time my girl voluntarily ordered a curry in her life - ever! She noted it was delicious, well-portioned and a really nice idea to have everything in separate dishes so you could nibble at each and mix flavours according to what you wanted. It looked freaking spectacular - why didn't I ask to try any again?

Maybe it was because I had slumped into a sort of food-worshipping haze at the sight and taste of my own meal - a Portabello mushroom and halloumi burger with thrice cooked chips. After my first bite, I looked up at Mel and said: 'I honestly think I might prefer this to an actual hamburger.' The way these tastes worked together, as well as some of the most delicious (and super filling!) chips I've ever tasted, all coupled with a really nice mustard-mayo relish = heaven.

Before we had even reached Brighton, we were both pretty excited about trying out the sharing platter  - the assiette of chocolate. Look at that picture. Instant drool, right? I'll try and break it down - perfectly crunchy chocolate brownie pieces sitting under rich chocolate mousse, luscious chocolate cake and a gorgeous melt-in-the-middle molten chocolate dessert, surrounded by fresh raspberries and vanilla ice cream. We both kind of made hugely appreciative faces at one another for a while, but if we had one criticism it was just a touch too much, and could have benefitted from another scoop of vanilla ice cream or a drizzle of creme fraiche to kind of break up the richness of the chocolate. But as with the rest of the meal, everything was executed beautifully - we both really liked the crunchy chilli chocolate brownie pieces.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone - even you meat lovers out there! I definitely didn't miss meat, and the menu will have something to tempt you, I promise. Side note - FFF is closed during June for renovations, eep! But as soon as it re-opens, get down there!

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