I'm starting to build a daily jewellery wardrobe that I'm really happy with - delicate, timeless pieces that I can wear again and again, independent of outfit choice or season. Although I used to love a big, bold statement necklace (Zara was often my weapon of choice), the older I get, the more pared back I like my jewels. I thought I'd talk about a couple new additions as well as some old faves that have made it in to the 'everyday jewellery box' on my desk.

The first up, and the two newest pieces, are a beautiful gold crab necklace from Oh My Clumsy Heart and a rose gold 'T' necklace with a cubic zirconia stone from Astrid and Miyu, a birthday gift from my best friend. I absolutely love both and they both sit so nicely on the neckline, they are really elegant pieces that I love to wear on a day-to-day basis. I don't wear them together for fear of tangling the chains, and also their lengths are so similar that you couldn't really use them to layer together. Plus I have this Godawful fear of clashing metals!

My rings are largely collected from street markets and travels around the world, but the rose gold bow ring is from Kate Spade and the gold evil eye ring is from Brandy Melville. I am an advocate of stacking rings - not to Phoebe from Friends scale, but a little interest on the hands is always nice!

My watch is from Olivia Burton and was a Christmas gift and, honestly, one of my favourite all-time pieces to wear! It just adds femininity and elegance to whatever you pair it with, and I love the old style look of the navy leather.

Finally, my wishbone necklace, which is an old season piece from Madewell but I'm sure they have similar - this hangs SUPER low, like grazing belly button low, so it's a nice one to wear for quite a boho look or to layer with others. I love it!

What're your favourite pieces of jewellery? What do you wear every day?

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